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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Day 10 After The Fall

First, thank you all for the MANY well-wishes.  It is good to have friends.

Second, it has not escaped my awareness that I could very well have died!  I was fortunate to have fallen relatively flat.  A slight change of angle and I could have landed on my head.  SNAP!

Third, it seems odd to realize that I fell 10 days ago.  It seems like both forever and yesterday.  "Forever", because I am used to being active and there sure isn't very much I can do lately.  It is amazing the things you take for granted.  "Yesterday" because undifferentiated boring days all melt together.  When nothing about one day is much different from another, you lose track of them.  

Fourth, I've lived (pretty happily) on my own for 50 years.  It creates a habit of self-relience.  Suddenly not being self-reliant is quite a shock!  So, I make it a point to do what I can.  Its not much but even small things help.

Fifth, I want to assure everyone I do not blame Laz in the least.  I have told him several times "It was NOT your fault".  

Sixth, some of the initial bruises are beginning to fade.  Oddly, some of the original lighter bruises are deeper purple now.  I have never bruised easily, so I don't have much experience with how they heal.

Seventh, I am learning to be very efficient when I move around.  When I'm in one spot, I keep everything together on a counter or table.  Food (for example) gets separated by to-be-microwaved, to-be-stovetop-cooked, and edible raw (fruits, salad material).  And I don't leave a spot without making sure I have my cordless phone, eyeglasses, TV remote, etc with me.  Nothing like "walkering" across the house and realizing my glasses were left in the bedroom to make you sigh DEEPLY!

Again, thanks for all the good wishes, thoughts and prayers, POTP, and useful advice.


Brian said...

We sure have been thinking about you and we're so glad the healing is happening.

Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon & Angel Nellie said...

I have been thinking about you and am glad that you are recovering. Its tough to do all this when you are alone. Have a wonderfully Happy Day! Barb

Katie Isabella said...

Thought about you every day since you told us. I sure know what it's like not to be active and self reliant with the time I crashed to the asphalt in a parking lot while stupidly running to catch a shopping cart. My foot stubbed on a broken piece of asphalt and that was it for me. Two swelled up horribly blackish with complete bruising, ruined my legs for months..and a broken inner wrist ...right hand...with a cast for 6 weeks. So as the old saying used to go..."I feel ya". It's a horrible thing and I finally had to hire someone to come in 3 hrs for 3 days a week. Got the barest necessities done. Cans opened...mostly. a little vacuuming and taking care of the cat's litter as I could not use my legs hardly at all. You are I...we are made of strong stuff. I am and have been out getting lots of fine exercise in each day since I healed from that and the heart surgery and YOU will be too.

pilch92 said...

Yes, you were lucky to have fallen on your back and that you didn't die or end up paralyzed. I know you would never blame Laz and I agree, it wasn't his fault. Praying for your continued healing.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Walkers are for sure awkward and scary to furry ones. And now that hubby has graduated off his walker to a cane, well, um...please sir do you need to scare us with *that* thing??! LOL!

Those walkers do give a lot of good steady support. You can get trays to put on them, as well as bags and cup holders.

I don't even want to think about the other things that might have happened when you crashed off that ladder. Angels were holding a net under you, for sure!

Slowly slowly you are healing, that is a good thing,cause if you tried to do things as normal too quickly you would be in more trouble. Pain serves its purpose to slow you down to heal better...

Having finished my 'preaching' (I used to work in a rehab ward), I sure hope you are getting a little better each day. Slow but steady is the way to go.
It IS hard to accept help when you didn't need any before...Hubby and I have both learned that...(the hard way, he with a few orthopedic surgeries, and I with my cancer, years ago...)

Get well wishes once again! Stay strong and brave!

Megan said...

Thank you for the regular updates - it's good to read that you're coping and very gradually improving. I agree that doing an extra little thing or two each day is a good way of noticing that you are getting better.

Sydney, Australia

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Even though it doesn't feel like it now, you did have a very lucky escape. Not only a possible broken neck and paralysis, but the chance of death from exposure if you hadn't been able to get inside. Your guardian Angel was watching over you. Of course we all know you would never blame Laz. He had been enjoying himself trying something different and wasn't aware of the consequences.
When Ivor trapped his leg in the PTO of his small tractor years ago it ripped his trousers off and formed a tourniquet. The bruises took weeks to come out properly and the nurse said the bruises were deep to the bone. I assume this is why your bruises are only just darkening as they are obviously very deep too.
I continue to wish you the best for your recovery.

AnnDee said...

I had to look up "POTP." I'll bet it means "Power of the Paw," but there are some interesting alternatives.