Sunday, February 7, 2021

Superbowl Sunday And Other Stuff

I LOVE Superbowl Sunday.  It means I can shop at the DIY store without a crowd there, LOL!  It's like shopping for flowers AFTER Valentines Day or grocery shopping after Thanksgiving Day.

It is supposed to start snowing later today.  The weather-forecasters have (by self-admission) been all over the forecasts this week.  Snow, no snow, snow.  Heavy, light, etc.  Apparently, the conditions are so uncertain that they just can't tell exactly where this storm is moving.

Which is not a great surprise.  Washington DC is a turbulence zone.  That means Southern warms meet Northern colds where the Jet Stream crosses the uneven Appalachian Mountains, so almost anything can happen.  

I mean, we got a foot of snow on Veterans Day one year and they didn't even think it would RAIN.  Took 3 hours to get home!

So they are saying tonight we might get 1-3" of snow followed by rain here.  Or not, depending on some high pressure front moved north or south 20 miles.  Let's just say I usually just look ouit the window to see what is happening.

1" of snow will melt.  3" might be annoying.  I'm not recovered enough to shovel 3" and the snow-blower doesn't real deal with lesser amounts well.

But with the possibility of snow, I had to check the bird-feeders.  I could see the thistleseed ones were about empty, so I brought out enough to refill them.  On the way, I checked the sunflower seed feeder.  The 2 suet feeders were OK, but the main seed tray was nearly empty.  Damn!

Well, I love my birds and snow causes them hardships.  So I carefully set up the ladder and dragged the seed bucket out and up.  I was VERY VERY careful.  I have to order more thistle and sunflower, I'm out.  The thought of dumping a 50 pound bag into the metal trash can I store the sunflowers in is daunting.  Maybe I'll just cut the top off and scoop.  Same with the thistle seed.

You make adjustments to the usual routines when you have to...  But I like my birds.  The cardinals are my favorites in Winter, so very bright red.  But there are many others who depend on the suet and seeds.  The thistle feeders are visited by goldfinches and sometimes by purple finches.  The goldfinches are the Spring/Summer glory around here.  So I support a small flock of cardinals and finches for Summer/Winter viewing.  

I'm still stiff in the morning and after sitting at the computer, but maybe some less each day.  I have to remind myself not to put a foot up on the opposite knee.  It doesn't bother me at the time, but it hurts some after.  Habits are hard to break.  

Cleaning the litter boxes is awkward.  I can't lift them to the workbench where I normally do it (resting the ribs for another 2 weeks) and gettting on hands and knees is not the easiest thing yet.  But I CAN carefully and it is a requirement.

Walking around is not much of a problem the past days.  Not like I can walk FAST, but it is mostly straight-forward.  I can return the walker to Deb anytime.  I plan to do that along with a loaf of warm bread.  She and John loved it cold; warm will be better just before dinnertime.  

Baking Bread | ThriftyFun

That's not actually mine, but darn close.  I need to remember to take a picture.

Ordered some new seeds.  Most of mine are fresh (refrigeration helps) but some are old.  Late for ordering and so some are out of stock, but I made adjustments and am trying 2 new-to-me heirloom tomatoes.  One is a cold-tolerant early producer and the other is a pear-shaped Japanese type that is supposedly very meaty with few seeds.  

Have to replace some lights in the plant stand.  Naturally, they are at the bottom which is awkward.  Oh well, what is life without a few challenges?

Ran out of fish food yesterday, so off to the pet store I go today.  I thought I had a large container half-full stashed away, but no.  But while there,  I could use a few more fish.  They only live a few years and I am down to mostly guppies and a couple catfish.  I want some tetras.  The guppies hide in the floating plants on the top.  The tetras swim around the middle.

Tetras Fish Profiles; Serpae (Red Minor), Black Phantom

Laz loves watching the Fish TV from the stepstool.  He doesn't go after them or I would remove the stepstool.

I am slowly catching up on things here.  Quite a To Do list after a month ignoring clutter and grime.  I wish I could just flood the house with soapy water and suck it up with the shop vac, but one thing at a time will have to do.

Hanging in there...


Megan said...

Continue to 'hang in there' Mark! I still reckon that a long-handled scooper for the cat litter would help.

Sydney, Australia

Mickey's Musings said...

It's good that every day brings less hurt :)
Finding new ways to do things is something we will all learn just because we
are getting older ;)
That Winter storm that may or may not hit you will be hitting us in Nova Scotia! It is bringing a lot of snow too :/
Oh well, just 2 more months of Winter(hopefully).

Brian said...

Yes, be careful on that ladder, I'm sure you were a bit nervous even trying it.

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi! Was there a line somewhere in there about a "ladder"? Can I have Deb's phone number so I can ask her to cross the street and remove all ladders from your property!!!
Sheessh. Did we not learn a lesson here ...

Big fluffy snow at 8 am just north of you; sleet at 8:30 am; and nothing now! The 1-3 inches was fake news we think.

Take care my friend, always thinking of you ... SMILES on SUNDAY.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Did I read this right! "So I carefully set up the ladder and dragged the seed bucket out and up."
You are as bad as Ivor and continue to take chances. What is it with men?
Please be careful. We all care and next time you may not be as lucky.

pilch92 said...

Glad you got your seeds ordered. We orders ours a few weeks ago and were lucky only the onions we wanted were out of pelletized seeds, but they had the regular ones. Good observations about shopping. I noticed Inauguration day that Trader Joe's and Whole Foods had no lines- usually they have a long line of people waiting to get inside, but they are located in a town that is very liberal. Glad you are doing well.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Mark you are on the ball and most of getting back to routine after something like this is mental. When you get through without the hangover of a depression (Oh God when I hear the "Poor Me" I tune out) you get it going in no time. Good job. Like the fish tank idea. Maybe if I put one low down it would work for us?

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Good thing you attended to the feeders *before* the snow's arrival, that would make the ladder chore much more dangerous...

We are into the bitterly cold polar vortex here, and may get snow off and on for the next few days, most of it being lake effect...which sometimes is worse than a snow storm rolling through. Its 11F and going down...down...down...and adding some good wind chill into the factors as well.

Glad you are able to improvise and make do in your present situation.

In the winters cold you likely won;t have too much trouble with bugs/moths getting into the bird seed, but maybe the rodents might enjoy it still if its not in a pail. Can you have the delivery peeps bring it to where you store it and have them put it in the containers?? After all you seem like you are one of their regular and good customers.

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