Tuesday, February 16, 2021

An Update

Getting better, but it has oddly varied the past few days.  One day or even hour is fine then another is not.  I've been avoiding even ibuprohen the past few days (4 weeks of it is a lot of even mild meds to my way of thinking).

Sitting is actually a problem.  It is comfortable, but the longer I sit, the harder it is to get up and walk around.  I need to be careful about that.

I am really a lay-about recently.  12 hours in bed seems good.  Well, it IS a heated waterbed.  Hard to leave, LOL!

On the other paw, I can walk better when I get myself up out of a chair.  I am still careful on the stairs but level-walking is a lot easier.  I went out to get the mail/newspaper, and it was "almost" normal.  I may actually be being more careful than I need to be.  Some "push" on the muscles is apparently good.

It's the good/bad moments that are annoying these days.  But there is sure a lot better than just "bad moments".  I'm recalling the first week when it was nearly impossible to get in or out of bed without grunts and serious pain, so it sure is a LOT better now.  

Driving the car and shopping is easier.  I even managed a delivered 50# bag of thistle seed and a 40# bag of black oil sunflower seed.  Not like I could lift them, but pushing them into a trashcan on its side and leveraging IT up worked.  I cut the bottoms and slowly lifted the bags up to spill into the containers.  I used a small hand dolly get the trashcans into the basement where I carefully scooped seeds into smaller containers.   I've gotten good at doing things "easy".

I AM refilling the birdfeeders and suet cages regularly.  A 6' stepladder is not a 12' extention ladder and I make sure it is solid. It's not like I have to stand on the top step.  Besides, I'm not trying to pull a cat off the birdfeeder...  LOL!


Megan said...

Well, it's pleasing that your pains and aches are now only 'disappointing', Mark. You've made fabulous progress. Well done!

Sydney, Australia

Brian said...

You really have come a long way!

pilch92 said...

I am glad you are doing better. The birds are eating a lot this winter. They are on their 20th block of suet since the end of November.

catladymac said...

Good progress. Our Mom uses a walking stock (actually an old garden tool handle that is about 54 inches long ) but that is for steadying especially now that the snow is deep and there might be ice underneath. You may not have this problem.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, Laz, and Lori) said...

Actually, I had a broomstick with a tennis ball on the end that I found very useful the 2nd week. But the walker Deb brought was MUCH better.

Mickey's Musings said...

Good to hear that progress is coming along :)

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Hooray for the long term progress!

Yes here, too the birds are VERY hungry. We never see bluebirds in the winter, but yesterday and today we do have them...they seem kind of confused about how to use the various feeders as offered, I may need to add a platform feeder.

The forecast is for -11F, and that is without windchill...Brrr! And we had 7 or 8 inches of snow last night. The drifts were problematic...and much harder to clear away than the ordinary snow on the sidewalk/driveway.

Hang in there, you are doing marvelously!

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