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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My ISP Is Cheating!

I just received notice that my ISP - Verizon - is no longer going to be providing email service!  This seems bizarre.  It is one of the basic things they do.  Its a bundle - TV, Computer, Telephone, Email...  Pretty basic stuff.

I guess they ARE merging (or acquiring) AOL because I can keep my verizon email address is I switch to AOL.  I haven't looked into the details yet, but AOL has never been any favorite of mine.

It is possible that all it means is getting an AOL account.  I hope.  But I'll bet there are some problems that come along with doing that.

I have had my Verizon email forwarded to my mac email for 8 years.  The user name and password are long lost.  I spent 2 hours on the phone with them and they couldn't provide it.  Not "wouldn't", couldn't.  They sure tried.


It took 4 hours on the phone with Verizon techs to get my email switched to AOL.  3 hours overseas to no result. An hour with local  Verizon folks and they had to kick it upline twice.  The conversion was managed.

And now on AOL, my only goal is to  get OFF it ASAP.  It is a piece of crap, drowning in ads, and not permitting me (so far) to maintain separate accounts for personal, cat, and gardening purposes.  And that's saying it nicely!

All email now comes into one account, the sender names are abbreviated,  and they all look the same.  Our email may be really screwed up until I figure out the changes.  I don't know when I will figure it out.  I'm not as good at understanding this stuff as I used to be.

I used to read all the blog comments by email.  I'm not sure how to do that right now.  I'll figure it out eventually, but I might not be online until I do.

I am researchibg alternate email systems today.

Forgive me if I get obsessed for a few days.  We all have our ways of dealing with changes and mine is to just research the HELL out of them until I find a solution I like.

See you then...

1 comment:

Megan said...

Rats rats rats! I feel for you Mark. Good luck.

Sydney, Australia