Sunday, January 22, 2023


 I had a rather good day yesterday.  

Neither knee was troublesome.  Wearing the compression brace for a month helped.

Went grocery shopping again.  I was out of most fruits and I love those for "dessert".  Blueberries, raspberries and blasckberries were on a "buy 2 get one free".  Strawberries are expensive lately, but these were "perfect" so I bought a container anyway.  Found actually ripe Golden Delicious apples.  The grocer thinks "green" is ripe usually.  But still waiting to see peaches, plums and bing cherries...

I finally found egg roll wrappers again.  It had been a couple weeks.  Still looking for cans of straw mushrooms though.  Supply-chain problem, I assume.

Filled the bird-feeders.  The thistle seed feeders for the goldfinches is easy enough.  I buy a 50# bag and store them in gallon containers I keep in the basement refrigerator.  The black oils sunflower seed feeder is harder to fill.  I have to drag out an 8' stepladder (which is getting harder every year) to get high enough to pour a bucketload of seeds into the feeder.  But the cardinals and many other "nice" birds love them, so I do it.  Also refilled the 2 suet feeders.

I grow lettuces and celery and bok choy in trays under lights in Winter.  They are "cut and grow again" crops.  But they eventually die, so I had to replant.  Some red and green lettuces were getting to harvestable size, so I carried the trays upstairs to the Southern exposure plant stand (and I assist them with a light).

Did 3 loads of laundry.  Might not seem like a lot to some of you, but that was a lot to me.  Going up and down the stairs was a pain (literally), but got that all done for a week.

Dinner was stir-fried chicken with bok choy, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, and onions,  Sauce was chicken broth, cornstarch, minced garlic and ginger, a few minced hot peppers, and sesame oil/soy sauce added after.

Played "toy-toss" with Lori after.  She is the only one who likes toys much.  Laz likes wand toys sometimes, but only to chew on the strings.  

Cleaned the litterboxes.

Do I lead an exciting life or what?  LOL!

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Megan said...

Your life is about exciting as mine Mark. I too would have counted that "a good day". One of the things that gives me a real lift is going to the library and finding three or four books that look like they're going to be really really good. Yaaaaay. And finding some of our favourite food on half-price special in the supermarket, unexpectedly. And finding some really good looking fruit or vegetables.

I believe in celebrating and being grateful for the little things - because you can find some of those in every day, whereas 'the big ones' only come along infrequently.

Sydney, Australia

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