Thursday, March 24, 2022

Computer Problem Fixes

The Mac is not operating fully yet.

You don't have to know about Mac computers for this.  I made sure my backup disk (Time Machine on a Mac) seemed accurate.  Then I unplugged the backup drive and erased the internal HD.  Restarting it by instructions, I got the O/S back and it is the most up-to-date one.

I first added back a few basic apps that didn't seem they should cause problems.  Safari, my blogs and Blogger dashboard, Antivirus software, AOL mail, etc.  It seemed OK for a day but then started restarting again.  I restored a few others today.  They didn't make things any worse, so I guess they are OK.

Actually, the restart seems to happen more often when I awaken it from Sleep Mode than when I am actively online, but it does happen then sometimes too.  It is probably the hardware, but I want to explore the software some more before I replace it.  The restart error messages suggest there is an "outdated or incompatible software" issue.

A 2018 Mac mini should not be outdated, but I did go with a "renewed" one.  I won't to that again!

I would have to get a new current model 1 TB and 16-24 RAM Intel7 chip.  I don't understand the cloud and I have like 20,000+ photos and many apps.  I want to keep everything on my desktop.  And I will need some new apps because I am trying to escape Google the way I escaped Windows in 2008.

At this point I can post on my blogs.  And I can comment on some blogs, but not most.  I suspect my difficulty with posting on your blogs is a Google issue, but I'm not sure why.  It might be that I am not fully-Google or that Google doesn't like Macs much.  

I might have to change my blog host and blog-reader app.  Oh good, more things to do...

There is an IFixIt store that works on Macs not far from here.  I may bring the computer to them for an exam.  For all I know, the problem is simple for an expert to fix.  I can imagine the conversation afterwards:  "Well, really, all we had to do was move the library to the context folder, update the frazzic circuit, installer frazzic manager, and change the P1 setting to P2".  

Of course I'm making that up.  But their explanation would sound like that to me.  :(

I'm coming the end of my rope.  And when you come to the end of the rope, you pay an expert to untie it...

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Megan said...

Yep - the frazzic circuit is a well known weak point in Macs. Let an expert 'have a go',

Sydney, Australia

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