Saturday, October 23, 2021


I've been on some discussion sites for years.  They are supposed to be dedicated to people of one thought as a safe place to discuss things among people of similar thoughts.  And I don't know how you will think about it (and some of you know), but I'm an atheist.  Always have been.  We are about 15% of the US population now and growing.

It used to be something to hide, but nor so much as time goes by and I don't worry about it all that much these days.  But the sites I visited have been allowing some really crazy people just to increase post count and maybe some ad revenue.  

So I went looking for an atheist discussion forum that promised "only atheists".  I ended up on a Facebook site.  I looked at it and it seemed OK.  But Facebook is weird.  I spent an hour trying to get my Cavebear avatar pic to fit their demands.  Never succeeded, but I suppose the front half is better than the back half, LOL!  There are probably assumptions and skills I do not "get".

But it is weird in other ways.  You can't seem to make more than one paragraph in reply, because "enter" sends the comment.  Finding previous comments baffles me.  Some seem to show up automatically, some don't.  Maybe that is a length of time thing.  

And well, by the rules, no non-atheist person is supposed to be allowed to post, the site is full of people posting who are.  I saw one post saying that saying "hello" was a mark of the devil because it included "hell" and saying "Hi" wasn't much better for some numerological reason.

I think I need my own site.  But I don't understand enough to set up and manage one safely.  Anyone out there who can wants a small side gig?  I'll go to a hiring site like Indeed , but I would prefer someone I know.  I would be the Administrator of course, but just to block the really crazy people.

Meanwhile, have to look at the FB site.  I posted a few replies and need to see if they got responses I like.


Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Hold down the *Shift Key* and then when you press enter to start a new line/paragraph, it will not post. Took ,me a bit to figure that out, too, LOL!

I have no(not enough) tech knowledge to help you in the other desires...

Your fellow poster about hello is um...well, a wee bit nuts! LOL!

Megan said...

Another reason to emigrate to Australia, Mark, where atheists are the largest 'religious' group!

Sorry - I can't help with the IT stuff either. I would have thought that you could google 'how to set up my own Facebook group' and find loads of step by step guides.

Sydney, Australia

pilch92 said...

I am not a fan of FB, but I go on to wish people a Happy Birthday.

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