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Monday, November 27, 2017

Hose Reel 5

I had a hose hanger on a 4x4 post there, and pulled it out.  Then used a 6" spade and a post hole digger to deepen and enlarge the hole.  That was easier than I expected.  The soil was quite good.  The bottom foot was mostly clay, and I saved that for backfill.  Its stronger.

This picture shows getting down 20".  I got down to 24" but the picture failed.  I usually take several of each event and all are good, but not this time,  Figures...
But I got the post into the hole and stood it upright.
I backfilled from all sides gradually.  I didn't have a good tamp available, but realized the D handle of the shovel worked well.  I'm good at using whatever is near at hand.

I packed that clay soil hard! 
Then put a level on the top and made some slight adjustments.   Tamping hard on one side adjusted the post to perfect level.  And then I set metal bars on either side (anchored with cinderblocks) to hold it it place.  Then I used a piece of 4x4 post (more useful scrap) to really pound the clay soil around the post.
The top was utterly level!  I left the metal bars in place to assure the post didn't move while I soaked the soil  and tamped some more.  
That post ISN'T moving!

Tomorrow, attaching the hose reel to the platform...


Megan said...

Oooh - the excitement builds. I wanna see it in action!

Sydney, Australia

Just Ducky said...

Your measuring stick comes from a town near us. Mequon!