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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Daffodils 2

So I had daffodils in some tubs and meant to replant them last Spring after they bloomed.  But didn't.  I got busy with other stuff.

I tipped the bins over last week and picked the bulbs out of the soil,  Wow, those bulbs loved the rich soil!  Most had multiplied into 4.  Well, I have this new island around a tree and boulder in the front yard.  About 40'x20'.  I tried planting Astilbe there, but the deer just kept pulling them up (couldn't eat them, but kept trying).  Well, I know they sure can't eat daffodils (toxic to most mammals). 

The bed was covered with large saucer magnolia leaves.  I raked them just off the bed so that I could use my little electric tiller (which is great for small areas) to kill the weeds.  I have a large tiller, but it isn't good in small areas.

I planted those recovered 100 bulbs in the front island. 

I am now utterly worn out.  I have put away all my planting tools.  I am done for the season...

And actually, this was several days ago.  I am really done.  I've pushed myself to my limit, getting inside before sunset and sitting in a chair exhausted.  I get muscle cramps from all the digging and bending.  I've been getting my hands clenching up, cramps in my legs, stitches in my sides.


But oh next Spring is going to look SO wonderful...  It will all have been worth it. 


Megan said...

I bet it's going to be wonderful, Mark. I'm really looking forward to seeing the pics.

And you did a marvellous job with those daffodil bulbs increasing fourfold. Perhaps you could try that trick with the 540 new ones you planted out the back. Oooh la la: 2100+ daffodil bulbs.

Sydney, Australia

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I didn't know daffodils were toxic to deer. I always wondered why they never bothered with them. The deer ate all our concord grapes this year. That is cool that the bulbs multiplied.