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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Neighbor

I have to laugh.  I have not yet met the new neighbor.  But he/she has a lot of contractors doing a LOT of outside and inside work.  Which is good I suppose; means they care about the property

But I had to laugh because the contractors first trimmed up the trees 12" high.  OK, a little more light in my yard.

But then they came back and cut down every single tree in the yard (trimmed before or not) EXCEPT the only ones that shaded my yard.  It is to cry...

BUT, a little positive manipulation...  I talked to the Boss worker.  Told him he might score some points about this one tree.  A mulberry tree.  The berries fall on the ground.  You step on them and you stain the bottoms of your shoes.  Then you do inside and it stains the carpet.

That's true.  It is why I cut down mine years ago and where their's came from.  He said he would tell the owner.

If that doesn't work, I will point out to the new owner that the berries attract mice and rats.  Not that we HAVE rats around here, but the new owner won't know that. 

I am only slightly embarrassed about telling a fib.  OK, a lie.  But I sure would like that tree to be gone.

I wonder if I could bribe the workers...  Somewhere between $20 and $50?  $100?  They get paid by the hour for their work anyway...  And the more hours the better, right?

1 comment:

Megan said...

Another option: ask the contractors for a contact phone number for the new owners or give the contractors your name and number and ask them to pass the info to the new owners with a request to call you. That way you could speak with them directly, introduce yourself, welcome 'em to the neighbourhood, invite them over for a quiet ale on the back deck and THEN raise the remaining trees. You could offer to cover the cost of removing those last few yourself if needs be.

I guess I try to put myself in the mind of the new neighbours and imagine what kind of approach would work most effectively with me. A warm, friendly one!

Good luck.

Sydney, Australia