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Monday, March 13, 2017

Decision Point

Well, I've gone and done it now.  I ordered a PC computer to replace my Mac Mini.  And I mean not only the one I was having trouble with recently, but also the one I bought as backup when I started having problems 6 months ago and couldn't get that one to work either (rip-off used computer, bad power cord, no operating system installed, who knows?

But I am leaving the Mac universe.  There are parts of it I will miss.  "Finder" is great, iPhoto is great.  I became accustomed to some of the Mac features.  But Apple has just become too darn restrictive.  I can't get one repaired without an hour drive each way twice.  There and back to deliver it; there and back to pick it up days later. 

There are 3 PC repair shops in town here.  You walk in, they are happy to see you, and they sometimes fix the problem on the spot!  That matters too.

And quite frankly, every thing I read says they are about the same these days. Well, that's how technology works.  Everyone figures out what the good ideas are and uses them.    I was just reading an old article in Scientific American mentioning how automobile manufactureres had focussed in on all the best ideas and the cars were becoming pretty much all the same (from the 50s).

So the new PC will arrive from Amazon Tuesday.  Not TOP of the line, but what I judge to be best for me a touch below.  Slightly slower gaming speed than the best at that, but more storage for photos and such, which matters more to me. 

But I may be offline for some days next week getting it set up, arranging email, copying sites and passwords, copying bookmarks and the like.

If I'm lucky, it might take only a day (yeah right, LOL) or it might take 3 (hoping not that long).  You never know. 

I'll keep the old Mac Mini plugged in but not on internet until it is done.  Email will be the first thing I set up.  Blogs 2nd.  If you don't see us after Tuesday or a while, don't worry.  We aren't gone or ignoring our friends.  We are just busy arranging for a GREAT return!


Megan said...

Oh Mark - do you reeeeeeeally want to do all this work yourself? Why not take the old and new computers to one of those friendly local places and have them do all the hard work for you? It's gotta be worth it hasn't it? I mean, you've struggled with Apple, but now you're back to batting with Microsoft - and that's pure torture on occasions.

Sydney, Australia

Just Ducky said...

Good luck. PC's aren't so bad, you will adjust. Hope you got a good one in terms of brand. My ASUS has been in business now for over 6 years. No issues.