Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dead Trees, Part 2

So it is yesterday evening  and I'm looking at this 12' tree across my driveway.  I can't get the car out directly.  The tree still has intact 3" roots in the ground.  But if I can cut it it 3 places it is probably small enough parts to at least drag off the driveway.  I tried the electric chain saw.  It was like using a butter knife.  

I forgot to take a picture...

So I went back inside see if I had a new blade.  I did, but I just didn't feel up to all the replacement adjustment and I didn't really have to drive anywhere the next day.  So I decided to tackle that in the morning.

I considered using the car to haul it off the driveway.  It would have meant backing out and then pushing between the tree and a shrub on a soggy lawn, but I can repair lawn damage, so I was getting my strongest rope and putting the trailer hitch on the Forester.  

As I was collecting that stuff, I noticed my basement cell phone was blinking.  That means a VM.  Good neighbors Deb and John asked if I was OK.  Which, since I wasn't under the tree, meant "did I need some help".  Yes I did!

So I called.  Basically, to say I could probably get the tree cut apart when I replaced the chain saw blade, but if they could help me swivel the tree off the driveway "I sure would appreciate it".

I should explain that I'm not very good at asking for help.  I'm helpful when asked, but I've lived alone so long, I expect to solve problems on my own.  That's not a good thing, but it is a habit of many years just doing everything myself having little other choice.  Contractors when necessary and I hate it.  But I'm not 30 anymore.  Or 50.  Age is catching up with me.  

Deb and John are very interesting people.  Deb works in conflict management online and is strongly dedicated to helping others.  When we talk as neighbors, she will not leave without a hug.  John seems to be an original "Jack Of All Trades".  He knows enough about "everything" and he has "stuff.  And he matches up with Deb perfectly.  He seems to like being the "ultimate helpful guy".  He has stuff that amazes me.

How did I get so lucky to have them for neighbors?

So, I called them asking for just enough help to drag the tree off the driveway.  Well, that wasn't enough for them!  They looked at the fallen tree, decided the roots had to be cut but he had a good chain saw to cut the trunk off near the ground.  I wasn't sure how much good that was going to do.  But he went back to the house and returned with a chain saw and his ATV.

I knew he had one, but I didn't realize how RUGGED those things were up close.  He cut the trunk from the stump and said he would haul the tree into the woods next to the house.  The tree was heavy, but he said it wouldn't be a problem.  He was right.

After he chain-sawed the trunk loose he brought out a 1" thick rope.  I need one that strong...  Maybe even a chain.  In fact, I want a couple of heavy-duty pulleys, but that is a diffent subject.

I'm not inept.  I was a Boy Scout for 6 years and camped out for 6 weeks once.  I know knots, can cook over an open fire, and I build a dining table in camp out of saplings cuttings once, lashed with vines.

His rope had a loop at one end and was melted (for unfraying) at the other (I do the same).  I asked John if he wanted the loop the ATV end or round the trunk.  And whether he wanted a timberline knot on the trunk.  He said the loop around the trunk was fine.  He tied a perfect double clove knot to his ATV.

I did mention that the sharp edge of that was cutting the rope  and that the round trailer hitch would be easier on it.  He changed it.

And AWAY went the tree!   I don't know how you can drag a 10" wide tree through heavy woods, but HE did, LOL!  And then he went and helped a different neighbor with a smaller one.  

Saved me at least 4 hours of work.  I HAVE to make a banana cake for them...  And they are starting their first garden (in deer territory) and want to protect it.  I know THAT stuff.  So maybe I can repay their help in that way.


Megan said...

How wonderfully fabulous have such neighbours. And isn't it especially wonderful that they offer before you think to ask.

As for knowing someone who is skilled in conflict management: bonus. She sounds as though she would be very interesting to talk to.

Sydney, Australia

pilch92 said...

Good neighbors are truly a blessing.

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