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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Politics and Congressional Inquisitions...

I watched a lot of the Congressional Benghazi Inquisition today.  It was extreme and partisan.

I'm pretty much oriented to facts (to the point where if the side I agree with does a bad job being factual and engages in evasion and emotional responses I won't think they did a good job.

Hillary Clinton did a good job today.  After 11 HOURS responding to partisan questions, many of which had no logical connection to the sad events at Benghazi, she did very well.  And let me say that as someone who participated in chess tournaments when younger, I know something about the pain of just sitting for hours at a time.  It is called "sitzfleisch".  German, meaning literally "sitting on the flesh".  It is a requirement for playing long chess games.  I used to have it.  Today, I am a pacer.

But Hillary sat, and listened, and sat, and listened.  Sometimes she could get to give an answer.  Mostly, she had to just sit and listen to Republican speeches, some of which applied to Benghazi but most didn't.

So who won the Republican Benghazi debate?  Hillary.  The lozenge did it...  I'm not joking.  When Hillary finally had to take a lozenge out of her purse after about 8 (9, 10?) hours into the inquisition, she had won.  It meant she had spoken more than even a professional politician could be expected to manage.

And the Republicans hadn't been able to find she had done anything wrong about the sad events in Benghazi in 11 hours of questions...


Megan said...

Her performance does sound impressive.

What I don't understand is why politicians don't get it that voters want politicians to act in the best interests of the country in a manner that is consistent with the policy platform of the party that they represent. All this time and money wasted on attempting to score petty points while the big issues float on by is appalling.

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

That takes a whole new post... Which I will immediately try..