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Sunday, November 15, 2015


The fanatic religious idiocy HAS to stop.  And I don't care if it is current moslem craziness to attack the christian West or the protestant/catholiic craziness of just a couple decades ago, or the hindu/moslem craziness of many decades. IT HAS TO STOP!

We can't continue like this.

We can't continue as a species this way. When will we realize that, as humans with our particular bizarre and unproven religious views, that if there is a Deity, it probably doesn't care how we think of it, it being being incomprehensible.

And that is assuming that a deity DOES exist, for which we have no evidence.

These minor arguements about the nature of a possible deity sicken me when people kill each other in ITS name.  IF there is a deity, we cannot possibly know anything about it,  IT being beyond all comprehension.  And if there was not one, how would we know there was not?  The universe, existing, would seem the same.

But suppose there was a deity.  It could be be Zeus, Odin, God, Allah, Vishnu, etc,  and how would we know?  And all the beliefs about each one differ. 

If you want to have some set of beliefs about the nature of a deity, go right ahead.  But stop killing other people about it.  Today, its the crazy Moslems.  Yesterday, it was the catholics and protestants.  Before that, it was the Mongols and the great Sky God.  Before them, there was some other idea of was a deity was.  Etc etc, back through time to where the earliest humanoid conceived the idea of a deity.

Really, does it make any sense that so superior a Being would CARE how it was thought of by us?  Do you care what ants think?

Can we just please stop killing each other about what we THINK a Deity might care about how we imagine it to be or want from us???

At the risk of being called an godless atheist (and I am), I say that all religious texts are written by humans trying to understand how we should live in groups, why we die, and what happens after. 

We can answer the 1st question.  All religious texts basically describe how people managed to live together without lower primate mayhem at the time of the writing.  It was codified social rules for sensible behavior at the time.. 

The answer to the 2nd question is that all organic beings wear out, and cease to function.. Your great-grand-parents wore out,  you and I will wear out, earthworms wear out.  Organic material is AWESOME, but it can't last forever.

The 3rd question is unanswerable to us.  Not a single human has ever come back from death to expalin what he/she saw on some other side.  And never will.

So please, stop killing each other in the name of vague ideas about what a deity might be.  Please.


Let there be a day when we just stop the fanatic religious madness....  Let it be today....



Megan said...

Well, Mark, the thing is that no one is really doing the killing for religious reasons. They're killing for control, power, to overcome fear, to create meaning and purpose in their lives. I don't believe that their god/s actually come into it at all.

And yes, it would be good for it to stop.

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I must disagree with you on this Megan. They ARE doing it for Religious reasons. And Sexist reasons, and for every twisted reason I can think of. I know what they want; they want a new grand battle between Rome an Mecca for control of the world. That in itself is sick and twisted.

That IS how they think....

They want women as sex objects docile as sheep forever and forever and forever. They want men to bend their knees to their idea of their god. They want entire populations, the entire world if possible, bowing their heads many times each day in the worship of what they think "god" is. Bounce bounce, bounce. And men bending their knees arnet 301-843-74 plottin z301-843-741Or thinking about anything.
But I don't challenge the moslems alone. Their religion is among the newest, so it is natural that their fanaticism is strong.

I'm just saying that they are completly NUTSO! Just as the early jews were and as the early christians were. Lets assume you don't want me to go on about this....

But dont' ever suggets that jihadists are rational.

Megan said...

Ah, Mark. I didn't explain myself well. What I meant was that they might SAY that they're committing violent acts for religious reasons, and they may even BELIEVE that they're committing violent acts for religious reasons, but those are not the reasons that I think really motivate them deep down. Religion is an excuse to exercise control and power over others, instil fear, and make up for their own inadequacies.

And yes, I do wish they would all stop.

Mind you, there have been lots of wars and violent acts committed without religion being involved, so even if you could wave a magic wand and make religion extinct, human beings would still continue to fight each other.

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

OK, we still disagree on this. I think that the crazies DO have actual religious beliefs that they are acting on. I think they DO believe what they say they believe.

OK, lets say they don't believe what they say. That they are just thugs. Would they go to all the details that they do? I mean going to great efforts to force what are apparently extreme religious rules? Would there be the suicide bombers who kill themselves?

I doubt it. They kill themselves while killing others because they ASSUME a heavenly reward, and that has to be a religious expectation. These don't seem to be people who blow up themselves and others with so expectation of some future reward.

I fully understand that various religious fanatics are willing to die for their beliefs. And I'm not saying that all believers in any religion are all that way.

I'm just saying that too many believers in Islam are violent in that way. And as fanatic believers in other religions were (and I will even say "are" in some places.

I can't forget that after the World Trade Centers were destroyed, the only place in the world where people celebrated in the streets en masse, were Islam populations...

That matters. The celebration of the general Moslem population when thousands of innocent people die says very much about their thinking. And what I dd NOT see was any group of Middle East moslems condenming the attacks. It was pretty much universally celebrated in the Middle East.

I consider that evidence of general insanity. People who, en masse and in wild celebration, turn out into the streets to celebrate the mass deaths of those who are both innocent and very specifically not of their religion is sign of religious insanity.

I think I have given sufficient evidence that the general Moslem population in the Middle East ARE religiously fanatically insane. It's not some subject I focus on generally, but I think that it is (very sadly) true.