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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Typical Day

1.  Moved houseplants around to where they were better suited.
2.  Fixed stewed beef short ribs from the rubbery stuff attached  and added veggies.
3.  Filled the thistle feeders in a strong cold wind outside.
4.  Shopped, getting black oil sunflower seeds, a 2nd Betta, kleenex, apple juice, thin crust pizza, etc.
5.  Listened to "Science Friday" on the laptop (from Los Angeles because the local station dropped it last year), having to hit the return button every 9 minutes for 2 hours because the damn thing WILL NOT let me set it it for more than 10 minutes "awake". 
6.  Fed the cats twice and set up the "Egg of Crunchy Dispersement" to entertain them.
7.  Cleaned the refrigerator.
8.  Cleaned the litter boxes.
9.  Washed my hands.  LOL!
10.  Read 2 days of the newspaper. 
11. Found H&R Block tax software at a great discount.
12.  Cleaned the Betta tanks.
13.  Put away some Xmas ornaments and lights. 
14.  Made dinner.
15.  Answered questions at a gardening site.
16.  Answered questions at an atheist site.
17.  Caught up visiting cat friends.
18. Took some pictures of the cats. 
19.  The forecast is 7" of snow tomorrow, so made sure the snow-blower was working, it wasn't, but then I relized there was no gas.  So added enought to test and it ran fine.
20.  Watered all the plants.
21.  And created this post...


Just Ducky said...

Bizzy, Bizzy, Bizzy.

Megan said...

Busy day. The snow sounds like it might cause some problems.

Sydney, Australia

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Sounds like a busy day.