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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Backyard Sanctuary

The deer love the fancy Hostas.  I call them "twinkies".  But the deer never come over the backyard fence.  So it made sense to move the hostas the deer loved to eat to the back yard.

When I had the deck rebuilt and enlarged, I framed the posts and added soil.  I hate to leave a good spot for planting unused.  Some day, I might have no lawn at all, LOL!

In the past few years, I've grown Impatiens and Coleus under the deck.  But it seems a perfect place for hostas.  Here is the first.

Then I added a bunch of others rescued from the front yard deer fast-food stop.
The main ones are 'June'.  The in between ones are 'Paul's Glory'.  I love both.   The small ones on the left are 'Blue Cadet'.  When they mature I will divide them to add a row on the right.  It will probably need 2 year's growth.

You can see some crocus leaves scatterred in there.  I had some old ones and planted them there.  Next Fall, I will plant new crocuses all around the hostas.  Well. they come up at different times.

'June' is a real beauty.  If I could have just one hosta, that would be the one.
'Paul's Glory' is a good one too.  It doesn't show color much at first, but it gets better after maturing.   I have this one elsewhere and it looks very good.   Anything better than just plain green is good to me, LOL!

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Megan said...

Good luck with these.

Sydney, Australia