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Sunday, January 10, 2016


I have to admit that I appreciate the delayed Winter here.  On the other hand, the bad forecasts are driving me crazy.

I look at The Weather Channel website FOR MY ZIPCODE (which should be pretty specific) and it says 0% chance of precipitation for 5 days.  And so I walk outside to plant more Spring Bulbs (daffodils now) and heavy mist is falling.  Which means the soil is muddy.  ARGHH!

Well, at least I have gotten 90% of the tulips and hyacinths planted in vole/squirrel proof wire cages.  There are a few leftovers of each and I can plant them in pots to be enclosed in the garden area with hopes of getting blooms and replanting them next Spring.

I still have daffodils to plant, but they don't need cages (being toxic to the varmints).  I can plant THOSE using my 12" drill auger.  As soon as the rain stops...

And with just drilling holes and dropping bulbs in, the daffs go in fast.  Which is why I left them for last.  At least I'm done with the digging of 14'X16" holes 12" deep!

I always try to do too much.  LOL!  Well, better than trying to do too little.

I have a lot of crocus bulbs, but those are going in some large shallow plastic bins to grow in Spring and then be replanted in May along a border.

It didn't seem like THIS much work when I ordered all the bulbs last Fall!  I'm bad at estimating the work my projects require.  But it will be worth it in Spring and for many Springs to come.   I don't think I will be planting any more Spring bulbs for many years to come.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day.  Good.  I have some serious inside cleaning to do!


Megan said...

Well Mark - it certainly seems from where I sit that you're not good at estimating how much work your projects are going to take. But, does it matter all that much?

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the flowers in Spring. We didn't get to see many pics of your vegetable garden in full bloom/harvest - that would have been interesting after all the work you did to build the varmint-proof enclosure. Perhaps next summer?

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

I think I can assure you and everyone that there will be many pictures of the Spring bulbs and the Summer garden this year. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to it myself!

And there is the edged area where I scattered many unknown seeds of a bag of perennial and annual seeds suited for butterflies and bees. THAT should be interesting.

2016 should be a very good year for the landscape and garden.