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Friday, January 29, 2016

Trivial Pursuit

About once a month, I play Trivial Pursuit on  I always win eventually.  This one was harder because several of my initial wedges vanished (stuff happens).  But I kept on.

I'm not actually good at true trivia.  I can't tell you how many #1 records The Beatles had or what Pete Rose's last batting average was.  I don't know how many leaves a palm tree has or what horse won the 1968 Kentucky Derby.  But they ask enough actual information questions for me to get by...  The Lone Eagle was Charles Lindbergh, John Kennedy's boat was PT-109, the volume of a circle is pi R2, etc.

I crushed it tonight, LOL!  I got the whole pie in 1 hour.  Hey, ya gotta have good nights at what ya enjoy, right?  Ask me about YOUR favorite topic and I'll get killed.  Maybe...

So I'm thinking of joining a bowling league...  Some balance in life is good.


1 comment:

Ramblingon said...

You like to bowl? I love the idea but man, I am so pitiful they have asked me to sit out goes. Management has, I would go up to the line and slip and fall oh my heiney every time. Finally I stood there and rolled the ball from the line. Falling down each tike I tried the correct way to approach and release the ball...the manager come over and politely asked me to quit lest I get hurt. Pardon me? On a polished floor at the age of 26? Only way I can bowl is the old Wii game way.

OK. I challenge you to Jeopardy! Actually I have Family Feud on my iPhone. Wanna play?