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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day

Today, we honor the dead, the physically injured, those who struggle with mental injuries, and all those who served.  But I am not here to honor all.  In all history, there have been some fighters who fought for good things.  I honor them.

But there have been many more who fought for bad things.  I do not honor them.  Most of the bad warriors were just out for gold, religion, territory.  History is replete with their kind and they deserve no honor.

The fewer are the ones who protect.  Those who defend their people from attack, who give their lives so the farmers and wives and children, and the other husbands can live.  And yes, for those women who fought and died too.

I honor today those who fought to DEFEND their people.

Not all soldiers and warriors deserve respect.  Ghengis Khan and his armies did not fight for anything I consider "good".  The same for other invaders.  Most of the time, any attacking army is in the wrong, and I do not honor them.

I honor every peasant who raised a pitchfork in every desperate attempt to save his family from marauders.  I honor every city or farm person who slipped into the night to disrupt invaders.  I honor every member of organized armed units that are dedicated to just fightin others to leave the general population in peace.

Today, I raise my civilian hand in honor and respect for the defenders, the veterans of defending our people, all people everywhere.

I wish I could say it better than just...

Thank You!

1 comment:

Katie Isabella said...

Me as well Mark. You stated both our positions and you were unaware that you were. Thanks.