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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Good Things

After mentioning the horrible beef short ribs recipe, Tuesday, I should mention that I did cook a lot of good food at the same time.  So its not me.

Cooked 3 chicken thighs, bone in, baked, with my own version on "shake&bake" coating.  Came out wonderfully.  Sauteed 3 hot italian sausages for later use in a sausage stew with roasted green and red bell peppers, cannellini beans, minced carrots and tomatoes.  Marinated some large shrimp in garlic, ginger, and onion for a few hours.  Then coated them in bread crumbs and deep fried them.  Added onion rings to the oil coated in pancake batter after that.  I love my Fry Baby.  Once a month though for the fried stuff.  

And I smoked slabs of Boston Butt pork in my offset cooker.  Came out great.  Most was cut into smaller pieces and frozen, but I made a wonderful pork stew with the bit I kept in the fridge. 

That was dinner.  With steamed asparagus in a cheese sauce, a corn on the cob, and fresh green beans, with a tossed salad with homemade Italian dressing.

I don't eat too plainly, LOL!  So that bad beef rib recipe the other day really annoyed me.  Maybe that why I made sure to eat well today, though.

Tomorrow, I'll have tenderloin steak.  I "fry" it, but with the good cast iron pans, its like broiling.

1 comment:

Megan said...

Sounds delish, Mark. I've not heard of a Fry Baby. I'm going to google it.

Sydney, Australia