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Monday, January 19, 2015

Donations Thwarted

I have collected a lot of really good stuff to donate to charity.  And I can't seem to get anyone to take it.  Goodwill won't return my calls from their collection site way off in Washington DC.  Salvation Army says everything must be in boxes or bags "for the convenience of their pickup drivers".  Have they never heard that beggers can't be choosers?

Here's a list of the stuff I want to give away.

1.  Dining table with 4 chairs  A bit dinged, but I BOUGHT it from the Salvation Army store that way intending to refinish it (which I will never do).
2.  Riccar upright vacuum cleaner. Works great but I don't have many carpets and I have a newer vacuum.
3.  4" lens  Refractor telescope ( I have a better one now)
4.  Binoculars (have 2 the same, stupid purchase)
5.  HDTV wall mount (liked the HDTV better on a stand)
6.  Hanging wine racks (2)
7.  Ceramic Turkey Platter (I have 2 and don't need 1)
8.  Christmas decorations of many types.
9.  4 wood craft kits.
10.  2 Alton Brown measuring cups (plunge type)
11.  Oxo Good Grips Turkey Forks.
12.  1 postal scale (good for weighing food, too)
13.  10 wolf thank you cards, blank inside.
14.  36 rolls crepe paper in assorted colors
15.  One bike with heavy tread tires
16.  Hand-painted lampshade  WITH a suited lamp
17.  2 stacking plastic chairs

And there is more to the list.

How do you put an upright vacuum cleaner in a box?  Or a bicycle?

This is just too bizarre.  How can the donation services not want these things?

Looks like I have to go to Craigs List to sell the major items and just trash the rest.

Any ideas? 


So There I Was.... said...!

Lindalee Lockman said...

Contact a veterans organization. They will pickup without a fuss. Put the small things in a carton but the larger things will be fine as is.
Things like the crepe paper would be appreciated at a daycare centerror or elementary school. Hope that helps.

Megan said...

I understand the sentiment, Mark. Here in Sydney charity groups also seem quite 'fussy' but my understanding is that they incur huge expenses taking unusable donations to the local landfill/waste disposal AND they don't perceive themselves or their customers to be 'beggars' who can't be choosers.

As I was reading the post, my immediate thought was Freecycle. If you don't need the money that you will make by selling items on Craig's List or similar, Freecycle is likely to see more of your stuff taken away sooner.

Sydney, Australia

Katie Isabella said...

I would LOVE a pair of those binoculars! (I'm a birder) maybe I can stuff myself into Katie's tunnel and bed.

I could not hardly ever find AYONE who wanted my good treadmill. I was hurting my foot and lower back with constant use so after all these years having one (different throughout the years) I gave it away to save the pain. Like to NEVER got anyone to take it. You can take the ~~~sob~~~ binoculars to a Goodwill store and they'll take them, and probably many of the other smaller things. (I'm going to have my hand out for the wolf cards too when I get thru her tunnel) and as for the table and chairs, likely there is an Ecumenical Council in or near where you live. They give furniture to couples/families who need it due to disasters and fires etc. You might find them in the phone book or Google.