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Saturday, January 10, 2015


I don't want to mention money much, but I do have investments.

But oh man was I ever pissed at my bank today!  I had moved some money from a money market account (savings) to a stock index fund.  The index fund sends a test amount of some few cents to make sure the transaction works and I needed to confirm the amount with them as a security measure.  When I looked at my bank account online, later I found $165 "excess withdrawal fee". 

Happily, the bank was just about to open, so I printed out the transaction, highlighted them (there were actually 2 fees, $180 total) and drove straight there.

"Hi, how can we help you" as I walked in (they ARE friendly).  I said "I'm pissed and you better help me.  These fees are going away or I am."

Got me straight to an assistant bank manager...  I was told that withdrawals from the money market account can generate fees.  I pointed out that I could have just moved them to my checking account and out from there at no fee, and I wanted the fees reversed.  And if that wasn't the case, there were plenty of other local banks who wanted my account.  

Lo and Behold, the fees vanished!  Kind of them to do that.  It didn't actually cost them anything to move my money, so it didn't cost them anything to make the fees disappear either.  Actually, it probably cost them more to pay the person to undo the fees. 

But the moral of the story is that if you get charged fees by your bank that don't make sense, it is worth confronting them about it...

They CAN and WILL give in.  If you go in pissed and determined...  And I really was pissed.


Megan said...

It's no wonder you were angry, Mark. The level of those fees seems absolutely outrageous.

Well done on tackling them about it.

Sydney, Australia

Katie Isabella said...

You and I are alike. I never EVER let it "go". If it's wrong, it is and I will be the first to tell you, whomever they are.