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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I get some time out in the garden.

Here is one of the tomato beds.  In front are bell peppers and basil.

Behind them are heirloom tomatoes.   In the blue tubs, I grow potatoes.  This year I have blue potatoes I found in a grocery store.  To harvest the potatoes, I just dump the tub out on a tarp.

 That's my first fruit of the year.

This is the hanging pot with the cherry tomato growing out the bottom.  It is growing up, but gravity will win.  Then I will pick cherry tomatoes as I walk past.
Here are the few Italian flat beans that grew.  I need to plant more   Only half grew.
And more cukes too.  Only half of THEM emerged.

1 comment:

Katie Isabella said...

I have one large Heirloom tomato plant and one red bell pepper plant. I have a huge yard and area but it is populated with wild beasties who eat everything so I grow these in containers on my deck. So far, so good. You are doing wonderfully.