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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Clinton/Trump Debate Tomorrow

I'm worried about the debate.  Clinton has to show great command of all national and international issues (and she will).  She probably has to know the Minister of Finance of Slovakia and the exchange rate of Dollars to Laotion Kips (and she probably does).

All Trump has to do is not pull down his pants and moon the audience...

And then too many people will think him "presidential" for restraining himself. 

If there was ever a difference in expectations between 2 people in a debate, this is it.  And it is not fair.  I grew up taught that knowledge, experience, and nuance matters in life and leadership.  I went through my career that way and I have lived my life that way. 

If Trump becomes our President, my brain will just EXPLODE.  And not because he is, but because enough Americans thought he should be.  It will be a society I no longer want to be part of. 

I live in Maryland.  Maryland is not a contested State.  Maryland will go for Clinton without any doubt.  It is some of the other States I worry about.  Personal opinion of States that go for Trump; they are obviously insane.

I read a very interesting book decades ago (and re-read it sometimes) called 'They Also Ran' by Irving Stone.  It details the losers in presidential elections, why they lost and what kind of presidents the losers would have made.  Stone's general view is that the American voters have generally made good decisions, but sometimes really made bad ones.  His judgements on the elections seem sound.

As he said in his epilogue, the American People have made the better choice rejecting Hayes for Tilden (the election was crooked in Florida and Hayes was chosen badly),  Douglas for Lincoln, Blaine for Cleveland, Landon/Wilkie/Dewey in favor of Franklin Roosevelt, Dewey over Truman,  Nixon over Kennedy,  and Goldwater against Johnson. 

We erred grievously choosing  Taylor over Cass, Grant over Seymour, Coolidge over Davis, Eisenhower over Stevenson,  and Nixon over Humphrey

We made a difficult choice between Smith/Hoover  between equally good candidates.

The rest of the elections seem to have been the better choices.

Let's hope this election doesn't go down in history as the worst decision the voters have even made...


Megan said...

It's interesting to think about Mark. I have recently met several people who are intending to vote Trump and listened while they explained why they're willing to give him a go. Part of it is about the very deep loathing for Clinton - very deep. Part of it is about his style - the anti-politician politician; the chap who hasn't been bought by special interests because he's been rich enough to fund his own campaign; the chap who calls it like it is and says things out loud that a lot of people are thinking. They are optimistic that Trump will be a man of action and cut through the 'niceties' of Washington style.

In Australia, our media present Trump as a bit of a clown - but one who would be dangerous for the entire globe if elected. As a result, it seems obvious to us that Clinton will win. However, talking to Americans who are gonna vote Trump makes me realise that there are lots of 'ordinary folk' who may not be expressing their views publicly, but whose votes may see Trump elected.

Don't let your brain explode if that happens. Emigrate to Australia. The cats will need to be in quarantine for 6 months, which would be a pain, but other than that, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't love it here.

Sydney, Australia

Just Ducky said...

Miss Megan, you may have lots of us moving to be by you. Get ready for house guests!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Hey, get in line man, I was asking first... LOL!

Megan said...

You're all very very welcome indeed. I truly think you'd like it because the culture is similar but without any guns and the weather is warmer. Live near me in Sydney, and you'll never have to shovel snow again. Indeed, you can live almost anywhere in Australia and never have to shovel snow again. Come one, come all! Once you get used to driving on the left side of the road, you'll feel quite at home.

But ... while I'd be prepared to say that our political system isn't quite as annoying/irritating/bizarre as yours, it ain't a whooooole lot better!

Sydney, Australia