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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Great Shopping Day

I had a long list of stuff to buy at the local DIY store.  And found most.

The mailbox door broke after 30 years.  Tsk, tsk!  Only 30 years.  But it is in good shape, so repairable.  It needed a 3/16ths bolt through the 7" wide front.  Was that easy to find?  NO!  I finally found a 12" metal rod with threads.  Have to cut it down to size though.  The good news is that I also found "stop nuts".  Those have nylon on the inside so you don't need nuts and washers.

I got tired on wooden sawhorses that kept getting loose around the brackets.  Found some adjustable metal ones with places to attach temporary boards to protect against cutting the sawhorses.

Helped 3 other customers there looking for other stuff I knew where they were.  If I wanted a retirement job, I know where to go, LOL.

Found some super-magnets. (rare-earth materials)  Wasn't looking for them, but I can sure use them.  Those feeble refrigerator magnets aren't worth having.

Got 150 new plastic 6" plant labels.  My old ones were written over too many times and exposure to U/V rays makes them brittle after a few years anyway.  So, new start.

Green garden twine, stretch tape, and a small seed-sower (little clicks send one small seed at a time down a narrowing slot).  Beats using a tweezer or planting several at a spot!  Or straining my eyes even with reading glasses...

I keep using plastic ties
Black UV Cable Ties

and I seem to use them a lot.  Buying them a dozen at a time was driving me crazy.  So, at the very bottom shelf, I found bags of 1,000.  GASP!  And they were the same price as 4 packs of 25!  I bought a bag each of 8" and 4".  Talk about volume discounts...  Lifetime supply, I hope.

 The funniest part was the scissors.  I wasn't looking for one, but they were in front of me, so I tossed one into my cart.  The basement scissors had just rubber handles and they finally broke.  So the cashier picks them up and says "what are these".  OK, that really threw me.  Everyone knows what scissors are, right?  I couldn't figure out the question. 

But she meant there was no tag on them, so she couldn't ring them up.  I always seem to find the item with no pricing label!  I just told her to set them aside.  I didn't even know where to go look for another with a label...

I can get scissors anywhere.  But all in all, it was a great day shopping...

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Megan said...

After my husband and I have had a 'successful' shopping expedition, we always feel pretty pleased with ourselves too, so I can relate to your experience.

Sydney, Australia