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Friday, May 22, 2015


OK, this isn't about the garden enclosure I said I wouldn't mention until it was completed...

But while digging the post holes for the screen door for the (*coff, coff*) thing, I noticed something interesting.  The soil in that area when I moved here was clay and gravel at the surface and lower,

In the holes I've dug, there is 4" of topsoil at the top now in the most neglected area. 

4"!  In nature, it takes a 1,000 years to make an inch.  I got 4" in just 28 years just by sowing grass and leaving the mowed clippings on the surface.  And some very mild organic fertilizer...  And fertilizer doesn't create soil.

What if I have another 28 years?

1 comment:

Megan said...

Yaaaay you. We take composting vegetable scraps from the kitchen fairly seriously - ie. we very very rarely put anything that can be composted in the garbage. We don't make a great deal of compost, but ... we've been doing it for a number of years now and it all makes a difference.

Sydney, Australia