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Monday, July 21, 2014

Computer Games - Risk

This will only make much sense if you play strategic computer games...

I'm either getting better at playing Risk (against real people, not the computer robots) or I am lucky.  Tonight, when I signed in, was offerring 2,000 free tokens (good for something, I'm sure - I'll have to look into that) for winning 2 games in 2 weeks.  That may seem easy, but with many obsessed players with multi-millions of points, that's hard for us more ocassional players.

But I'm willing to put my mind (game sense) against almost anyone (seriously, after a million points, how much better can anyone get?)
I needed to win 2 games in 2 weeks.  I played 4 games tonight and won 2!  I was stunned.  Thrilled too, but stunned.  The lowest rated player (other than me)  had 3 times my points.  Some of them had so many points you couldn't even read them because of the allowed space for their names.

So I had a really good night playing Risk.  Everyone should have a good day or night at SOMETHING, once in a while.

I'm not sure what to do with these tokens I've won.  I think you just make your displayed profile fancier.  I already have my avatar dressed in camo and an animated orange/white cat (Marley) licking his paws at my feet.  What could be better than that?  That's my life.

Maybe I can add more cats (Ayla and Iza).  And some background.  I bet they don't offer gardens as backgrounds.

I play Trivial Pursuit there too.  Kill it.  As long as it is not "Actors & Actresses".  I don't watch movies.

Should I try try out for 'Jeopardy'?


Megan said...

Well done that man. I don't play strategy games, but I can appreciate the thrill of success. I wasn't aware that you could play Trivial Pursuit online. I'll see if I can find it. Jeopardy? Why not? I vote 'go for it'!

Sydney, Australia
(still spending hours some days playing Bejeweled)

Mariodacatsmom said...

Very good. My husband plays a lot of those things too. You might as well go for Jeopardy!

Megan said...

Mark - I found Trivial Pursuit online and played a few games - but the America-centric nature of many of the questions means that I'm never going to be any good at it.

Sydney, Australia