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Friday, June 27, 2014

New Deck, Part 1

I finally decided to have the 24 year old 2-level deck replaced.  Even pressure-treated wood doesn't last forever.  I had gotten estimates last Fall, but put off doing anything while I decided whether or not to rebuild it myself.  After all, I built the original, 200' of 6' tall fence, a toolshed, and framed raised beds.  But on my birthday in May, I concluded that:
1 - I'm not 40 any more
2 - I can do rough carpentry but not nice design work
3 - After treating the house to new siding and shingles, why build another ugly (but functional) deck
4 - I could afford to have it done by professionals

So  yesterday, I removed everything from the decks, and closed the container plants (lillies and caladiums -bad for cats) in the catroom.  This morning, I closed the cats in the bedroom,  and the people arrived to tear down the old and put up the new.

Well almost.  I knew they would do the demolition today and build the new deck Monday.  Except I didn't quite ask the right questions about the schedule.  They will START building the new deck Monday.  Monday is for digging holes and laying in footers for the posts to rest on (the old upper deck was 12'x12', the new one will be 16'x16' and there will be no lower deck).  Tuesday will be for the County to approve the footers.  Then on Wednesday and Thursday and possibly Friday they will actually build the new deck.

The cats are horrified and I'm not thrilled either.  I thought they would simply build the entire new deck.  It only took ME a week to build the existing one by myself!  Oh well, "this too shall pass"...

While I'll put together a whole demolition-to-completion post at the end of the project, here are a few demolition pictures:

The original, with all the furniture and stuff removed.
The demolition begins.
Down to the joists.
Nearly gone.
It all fit into 1 trailer.
And the demolition is complete!  And BTW, for some reason, the new green siding always looks blue in my photos.  The old ledger board is left in place for now to keep hot air and wasps from getting into the basement through the bolt holes.
I sure hope it doesn't rain next week to delay things further!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Fingers (and paws) crossed that it goes smoothly...and maybe even faster than anticipated. :-)

Katnip Lounge said...

This is gonna be so nice when it's done! We are finally paying to have work DONE, instead of doing it ourselves, and boy--it's a LOT easier!

Megan said...

You often refer to your deck as ugly. I can't see it. It looks fine in these pics, and I do like the two different levels. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you're paying someone else to build the new one if the old one didn't thrill you. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Sydney, Australia