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Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite Movies

Everyone has some favorite movies.  But I mean the ones you can just watch over and over again.  I suspect they are not ones with a surprise ending.  Who would watch a surprise ending more then once?

My first is "The Incredibles".  Yeah, I know, its animated.  But it's non-stop action.  And I love the idea that superheros get married and have superhero children.  As someone who bought Fantastic Four #1 (and stupidly had no idea it would be worth a lot someday), I like the idea of some real life in comic book heroes.  I love all the characters in "The Incredibles", but a real enjoyment of Dash.

The 2nd is 'Independence Day".  There is no way I cannot cheer for the human race surviving.  Yet we also did in "World of The Worlds" and I find that movie generally boring.  So there is something else about "Independence Day'.  The characters. 

The 3rd is more recent.  "Battleship".  I read the description of it and went "ho hum" (aliens vs a battleship, right). But I was bored one evening and watched it.   Blew my socks off!  I've watched it 4 more times in the past month and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.  Twice tonight!

The aliens made some sense.  I loved the idea of a hand with only 4 opposable  "thumbs" (all thumbs, LOL).   They seemed pretty good with machinery.  I also liked the chin bristles.  No apparent purpose and no consequence to the movie but it probably has some meaning on their world.  Maybe they were ancient quills that pevented them being eaten.  A little evolution thought in there.  I liked the idea that they came from a dark world (or were nocturnal).  And I liked that those differences weren't explained.  It wasn't related to the outcome of the movie, but it was a nice touch. 

There are also some interesting differences with the aliens.  They move in sudden jumps with their weapons ships on the sea (just imagine their railroad system).  And they were bipeds but had some problems with light.  I'm thinking intelligent cave frogs here. 

I also liked the way the aliens disregarded perceived non-threats.  Anything not aimed directly at them was simply ignored.  I could surmise they were once (and recently) a prey species. 

But they are all great nonstop action movies of a type *I* can watch repeatedly


The Cat From Hell said...

Did you know it is the 40th Anniversary of Blazing Saddles?!?!
Its on TV tonight and I can't wait!

Megan said...

I'm not a big movie buff Mark. Rarely watch them. I haven't seen any of your favourites and the only name I even recognised was Independence Day. If pushed to nominate my favourites, I'd probably say One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Miss Potter and Rear Window. Seen any of those?

Sydney, Australia

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I love animated movies, and Pixar makes the best ones. the Incredibles is one of theirs. I don't care how old I get, I'm never going to outgrow a good animated movie. :)