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Monday, October 22, 2012

Dad and Cat

Dad has always claimed that he doesn't really like cats.


I looked out the window today and Dad was on the deck looking out toward the back.  Iza was sitting up on the rail right next to him.  And Dad reached over to scritch her.  Not "scratch", "scritch", he knows how to do it right.  But by the time I got the camera, they had separated. 

But the special thing was later, after dinner.  Dad sat in his usual chair, and had to evict Iza from it to sit down.  Iza is getting used to that routine and doesn't complain as much as she used to.

The special part is that she stood up next to him and hopped up!!!  First time she has really done that, though she has made a couole of tries before.

This time she curled up on his lap.  The pictures show it all.  Don't mind the uneven photography; I had to try some different settings to get a few good ones.  The point is that Iza curled up on Dad's lap and he enjoyed it, stroking her furs "just right". 

He's a natural cat person, even if he WON'T admit it...

Super-special picture!
And Dad seemed thrilled...
And "thank you Iza".  You'll get extra treats later...
I switched to non-flash so as not to disturb them.
Maybe my discussions with Dad about the wonderment of having a wild animal happy on your lap have had an affect...
Dad fell asleep stroking Iza!


Thumper said...

Now that is awesome :)

Megan said...

What a lovely thing to have happened. Having a cat trust you enough to sit on your lap and let you scritch her is one thing; having a cat WANT to sit on your lap and have you scritch her is something else. There's a real sense of a bond. It's also nice just to have the warmth of contact with another living being.
Well done Miss Iza.

Sydney, Australia

Bella said...

At the nursing home where my Mother lives they have a resident dog. They encourage visitors to bring their family members dogs to visit. Two weeks ago the daughter of a resident brought in the lady's cat to visit. What a joy to see the interactions of the residents with the pet visitors.

Mariodacatsmom said...

I LOVE it! My dad always said he didn't like cats either, but one day the cat won him over too. I've seen more than one cat do that to people that were haters of cats. Now maybe they have started a routine that will continue on. There is nothing like a cat taking a nap in your lap!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Some guys just hate to admit that they can be cat-guys! (Greg for one even though Star is HIS) I think it's awesome! Now you have someone to share petting duties and your dad has a new buddy to distract him.
(oh, good to see that your dad has given up the shorts and thin shirts and is dressing warmer now!)

Derby, Ducky said...

My Dad always claimed to not like cats too, said they were "sneaky". He would never allow one in his house. But when visiting my house he would pet the boys. When Ducky first arrived he even suggested a name. He was a softy at heart.

Shaggy and Scout said...


The Cat From Hell said...

There is nothing better than the purr of a cat to make you feel better.