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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Living With Dad, 13

The good news...  Dad thought to ask about his tax forms.

The bad news, he thinks he has to add Maryland forms this year because he moved in with me this year,  and he is looking around his duffel bags for 2012 forms.  Why does he have to ask my these difficult questions while I am trying to prepare dinner?

More good news...  He took out the walker and looked it over carefuly.

The bad news...  He wonders how much he could get selling it.

Good news, he thinks he might need to try using the walker.  Never mind that he thought of selling it.

You know, its a good thing I have a base in sci-fi.  Where strange things happen.  I feel oddly well-equipped for surprises.

Aside from all that, Dad sleeps in the chair in front of the TV a lot more than he realizes.  More than when he first arrived here too.  He probably sleeps in bed more than he thinks he does.  He says he doesn't sleep at night (and I have no way of telling), but he doesn't know that he sleeps during the day.  So maybe he sleeps a lot at night and never knows.

He says he gets up many times at night.  But, quite frankly, I would know.  The hall floorboards squeak.  I've lived alone so long that any little sound in the house registers on me.  I know when the cats walk into the room.  Sometimes he is so soundly asleep and quiet for hours that I go to his door and listen for him breathing.

Maybe one night, he won't be...

This is all entirely weird to me.  I still can't quite get used to the idea of someone else living in the house all the time.  Just having someone else in the house is strange enough, but being responsible for that person is "strange squared".


ABBY said...

My 80+ yr old Father also claims to not being able to sleep at night. He falls asleep multiple times in HS lounger. He finally convinced the DR to give him sleeping pills.

Mariodacat said...

Mario's mom here: Unfortunately the not being able to sleep well at night is a classic symptom of the elderly. If it wouldn't be for my Parkinson's drugs, I wouldn't be sleeping either. As it is I get up at 4:00 bright eyed and bushy tailed. I remember my mother going thru that also. Maybe talk to his doctor next time and see if there is something they can prescribe that wouldn't be too strong.

Katie Isabella said...

Mario has a good idea I think..something to keep him in the bed for certain just in case, and he will have more rest. Perhaps then he won't nap as much in the day time. Maybe.

Derby, Ducky said...

The joys of being the caregiver. Hang in there TBT.

The Cat From Hell said...

Ah Yes! I know that feeling well. Usually, just as I start to go to sleep, Hubby gets up and falls asleep in the living room - with the TV watching him. I was not expecting to be a parent again. You are a great taking such good care of your Dad!