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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Perennial Day 2

Yay, I got more of the plants I wanted to fill in most of the spaces to make BIG patches of the same plants.  I ordered some of the plants I needed to fill out large patches (about 8' circles) but not enough to really do it.  I just can't get myself to spend enough money at one time.  So I had to place 2 orders of plants to do it in 2separate orders.  LOL!

But the fill-ins are here ($200 later).  I don't really mind the cost, it just can't be so much in a single order.  I'm weird that way.

Well, they ARE perennials.  They will live for many years.  And I have chosen ones that have long lives and do well here.


AFSS said...

I know what you mean, I always cringe at the bill when I go by the nursery and my beds never turn out exactly like I had planned. They won't have some of the plants I want and I always spot something interesting and wind up bringing it home to see how it will do. I still have spots to fill in (sigh). ~Alasandra

Jacqueline said...

I look forward to seeing photos of your finished project; you have put so much work and money into it, I know it will be beautiful!