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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Layout

This is a reasonably good view showing the garden layout.  It is mostly six 8' by 3' by 12" high framed beds, plus a 30' long by 2' wide trellis bed and two 3' by 3' beds.  The trellis gets the cukes, italian flat pole beans, snow peas, and sometimes I try growing cantaloupe up it (without much success).

The 2 red beds have 4 tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, and a bush watermelon each.  I'll be adding basil and marigolds soon.  The red is a plastic that is supposed to reflect the light frequencies tomatoes use most efficiently.  When you don't get full sun in your garden, you try anything.  LOL!

The bed between them has broccoli, cabbage, and radichhio (a red chicory).  It is half-full of beebalm (Monarda) that I moved there "temporarily" 3 years ago.  I've left them there because it seemed a good idea to have a great bee attractant in the middle of the garden.

The nearest bed is the one I moved from a shady spot to this sunnier one last month.  In most of the garden, I have black plastic covered with old carpet to suppress weeds between the beds.  So, the lawn growing between the rest of the beds and the new one is temporary.  As soon as I get ahold of some more old carpet, I'll eliminate that.  Meanwhile, it is spaced just far enough to allow my lawn mower to fit.

The 3' by 3' beds are for herbs. 
I have thyme, tarragon, oregano, chives, cilantro, sage, and parsley. And there is a rose draping over to liven up the colors.   The 2nd 3x3 bed has the rose in it right now.  I really need to move that rose.  I just don't know exactly where to put it.  And since it is the last remnant of my 1st landscaping project here (24 years ago), I don't want to just toss it.


Alasandra said...

The rose is beautiful. I am hoping to get some raised beds for my roses soon.

Derby, Ducky said...

And one kittie to snoopervise!

Jacqueline said...

Mark, it looks like your hard work is really paying off; everything looks wonderful!...I love that you got Iza in the last shot=every garden looks best with a cat in it!!...Happy Wednesday.

Verdant Wilds said...

Your gardens look wonderful!! I didn't realize you had so much space. Lovely!