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Monday, April 26, 2010

Small Pond

Small Pond looking GOOD!  I attacked the overgrown roots and cut them back to pot size.  That was massive work  It took all my effort to haul the huge root balls out.
 First, mud and roots...

I scooped it out wearing large water proof boots.

With the newly cut out pieces removed and chopped, I replanted the pond with pots....

Repotting the pieces of plants took serious cutting apart of ingrown roots.

And weighing the pots down with stones took some work.  I had forgotten the pots fell over when top heavy.    But I got it all right eventually.  It looked good at the end.

The lilies will take 2 months to recover and the sweet flag will take a month.  But at least there is room again for the goldfish to swim around.

I'll wait a week for the water to lose the chlorine from the new water again before adding goldfish.  But I will do that.

The pond will be so nice with a few goldfish in it. again.

Serious cleaning-up to do.  See all the excess roots?

All the excess leftover roots would fill the whole pond...


Alasandra said...

Feel free to come get the water lilies out of my pond any time you would like. (Sigh) We tried putting grass carp in there but they didn't make a dint in the water lilies which have overrun the pond. ~AFSS

Jacqueline said...

That's a lot of work for 1 person to do everyday; you're doing a great job!