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Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Yard Problems

I'm soliciting suggestions!

Problem #1 - The middle of the back yard has a ridge in it. 6' high, 60' long, and 20'wide. Too uneven to mow, covered with vines, and all sand and gravel.

Problem #2 - The front yard has a drainage easement on one side. Over the years, the drainage easement has silted up and the corner of the yard has sunk. As a consequence, the lawn near the easement is constantly wet and has standing water from seepage from the drainage easement for days after every rainstorm.

So, my thought had been to have someone move the backyard ridge soil to the front yard. But I don't think I will have much of a front lawn in sand and gravel soil. And if I add 2 feet of soil to the front lawn, the trees and shrubs are going to die.

I know the "right way" to solve this is to have the ridge simply hauled away and have topsoil added to the front yard. But if anyone has a real clever idea, I'm open to suggestions...

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