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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some thanks Are In Order...

First, my thanks to all the kitty blog friends who have visited the new blog.

Second, my thanks to Scott (Foot Butter Guy) who suggested that Caladiums are toxic to cats. I checked and he is correct. Caladiums are routinely listed among the top 10 toxic houseplants to cats (and probably other animals).

As a result, I will grow them only in the hanging pots the cats can't reach, only in the front yard where the cats never go, and in some pots on the top of bookcases (where even Ayla cannot reach). And I will not attempt to save any (except for a few dozen for the indoors hanging baskets next year). And that is assuming they grow well indoors.

The front left landscaping box will become Snow on the Mountain next year.

Thank you, Scott, for the advice. I didn't suspect caladiums were a danger...

1 comment:

Foot Butter Guy said...

You are welcome cavebear. To be honest I wasn't sure, it is just that in university I worked at a nursery and we used to advise customers buying potted caladiums that if they had young children that they were highly poisonous and with Ayla around here - I was conscious of that when she was a baby. So when you mentioned them in your post I thought I would mention that, knowing nothing about cats, maybe they knew already not to eat bad things for them.