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Monday, June 15, 2009

Front Left Yard Project - 3

No new progress. I stayed up so late last night that there wasn't much daylight by the time I got up (4 pm). I decided I was better off doing a grocery shopping expedition and a few other chores instead. I did take pictures though.

Here is the area before I dug out the azalea and barberry stumps.

This is the barberry stump. For a shrub that is only 7' high and wide, they sure develop a heavy trunk and root system!

Here is the area to be framed. There were also a lot of 1' thick vine roots and I dug them out, too. Digging out roots that extended under the sidewalk was not much fun... But better to fight with them now than fight with them after the area is planted.

And just because it looks so good right now, here is a picture of the Stella D'Oro daylillies around the mailbox. I made the green fish with the brass street number a few weeks ago. The stick-on numbers fade too quickly and I got tired of replacing them each year.

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