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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Days Without Rain?

Wow, that will be amazing! I was able to mow the lawn yesterday. It was 6" high and falling over. I had to do it slowly because there was so much grass it was choking even a lawn tractor. And I think I have to get at the bottom of the mower deck and pry crushed grass off of it. It reduces the area where grass blades can be recut. I bet the stuff is an inch thick.

Speaking of the lawn tractor, I have to start it with a portable battery pack these days. The battery is just dead! But the problem isn't the battery. I replaced that last spring and late last summer. The problem is whatever recharges the battery. I'm not good at that stuff.

I assume there is an alternator or a generator that has failed. But the last time I took apart an engine, it stayed "taken apart".

I've taken a look at the engine and couldn't even figure out how to GET at any of the parts. Things are actively designed these days to deliberately thwart owner repairs. I can't even get at the spark plugs without detaching the engine and raising it, which I can't do.

It seems I will have to jump start the mower, drive it onto my trailer, haul it to a repair place, then jump start it again just to drive it off the trailer into the repair shop. ARGH!

I am very close to just buying a new one. Consumer Reports says great things about a John Deere 42" lawn tractor. I've only had this White-Outdoor brand lawn tractor 8 years, and it has given me nothing but trouble. It doesn't even cut level no matter how I adjust the tire inflation. My cheap Hechinger model lasted 12 years and worked better.

Hmmm, I think I've talked myself into a new lawn tractor... Now what do I do with the existing one? I bet it can be fixed, so it must be worth something... Sell it $200 "as is"?


William said...

Maybe your local public radio station will take deduction!

Wow, you've done a lot! We'll keep checking back to see your projects. Just don't be giving my mom any ideas.

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I bet the AM could fix your mower thingy but he probably is too far away to help. The Woman says it sounds like an alternator but she's not that bright, you know?

Anyhow, if the rain would stop I think we'd all be a lot happier!!!


Alasandra said...

I envy you the rain. It is very dry here. I am having to water everything to keep it alive.

Bo has the same problem with one of our lawn mowers. He has to put it on a battery charger in order to use it and usually winds up buying a new battery for it every year. He took the thing apart and still didn't solve the problem. New lawm mower sounds like a plan. And since you mentioned mowers I have no excuse for not remembering to use the reel mower in the butterfly garden. I better run my to do list just got longer.

Cavebear said...

Chase, we bet the Woman is right. They usually are.