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Monday, January 22, 2018

Basement Cleaning

Here is a real "Before and After"!

At the end of the growing season, I've accumulated a lot of stuff "out-of-place".  Well, I get busy, you know?  So it was needing some work to get ready for the new planting season.  And amazingly, the new planting season starts in 3 weeks!

So, I had to get to work.  The clutter was bad. 
Even my light stand was clutterred!  It's the old rule of "any horizontal surface gets covered"...
After 2 days work, I had it down to this...
And to show I didn't just move stuff "out of sight", here is the other previously clutterred space...
That old refrigerator is my "root cellar".  I keep bulk veggies in it at 40-45F.  And my seeds are in the tray there too.
Next, I need to clear out and get my light stand ready to stat seedlings...


Megan said...

Well done Mark - fabulous effort. And exciting to think that the planting season will soon be upon you,

Sydney, Australia

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You did a great job!