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Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Person Died

I only knew because his sister posted a message on the forum.  And she only did that because he had a list of places for her to tell.

I didn't know him all that well.  He just posted poems sometimes.  I liked his poems enough to have his page bookmarked.  We emailed a few times.  He wasn't a happy person, and his poems showed it. 

I told him I admired his poetry.  He appreciated that. 

He killed himself.  I don't know the details and don't have to know. 

I have always planned to make a similar list with passwords and sites to tell if I die.  Just so people know why I vanished.  And I sure don't plan to die anytime soon.  But there is always that surprising skidding semi-trailer or a piece of beef or a little too little blood to the brain, ya know?  Maybe I would have really made the list the day after I die.  One day late.

My youngest sister just fell down dead from a brain artery thing one day.  She was only 44.

A sadly appropriate poem from his site:


Solomon Zorn

No sadness more
No absence more

A human
Cannot be replaced
A heart in mourning
Will accept no comfort

Promises of heavenly reunion
Offer soothing
For a pain
That cannot be soothed

Death is tragic
Death is final
Death is painful
For those who survive

But survive they will
And build on the
Of the one who died

The same fire
Which burned in that soul
In those who were touched

Eventually time heals
Survivors move on
But not today
Today we are inconsolable
I think I better get started on that list...

1 comment:

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

That is so sad. He was a good poet.