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Friday, July 28, 2017

The House Next Door

We can't figure out if the house next door to me was purchased as a rental or a primary residence yet.  In one way, there seems to be a lot more contractor work going on than if it was "just a rental", but then we don't know how much work was needed inside after 30 years of several owners.

There have been cabinet contractors, wood flooring contractors, and gutter replacement contractors there. A rather strange and ugly wood railing around the front porch (apparently installed by the bank) was removed and replaced with a vinyl one. 

So, a few things a rental would see and some it wouldn't.  I hope it is someone moving in themselves. 

I hope whover moves in is quiet and has no dogs or teenage children.  That means noise and I have gotten used to the quiet.

I hope they garden.  That way, they might understand why there are a couple of junk trees I would like to see removed (and I'm willing to pay all or most).

I'm not sure of the timing.  If it is someone planning to move in or rent by the end of the month, there isn't much time left.  Any time without a neighbor is good. 

Oh sure, it might be someone I am thrilled to meet, but the odds on that are pretty low. 

I think it is the possibility of a neighbor who is really annoying that worries me.  The previous resident was great.  You could hardly tell he existed.

I learned that the house had been sold for way less than I expected.  Now I really wish I had bid on it.  Any renovations could have been combined with some I plan here at a better price and would have gotten me going with my own.

I'm one of those people who can do what is required for business (like a rental) but will procrastinate for myself, LOL!

1 comment:

Megan said...

Perhaps you could find yourself in casual conversation with one of the contractors one day, Mark - you know: when you 'just happen' to out in your front garden as they arrive or leave. They may know a bit more about whether it's going to be a rental or owner-occupied.

Another thought might be to ask the real estate agent that handled the sale - perhaps with an enquiry on behalf of a mythical friend who might be interested in renting it??

Sydney, Australia