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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not The Meadow

A couple of years ago, I had a ridge leveled and set up 3 edged beds in place of it.  One was a Spring Bulb and Summer Daylily bed, one was for meadow flowers I hope will self sow (according the the package), and the last was a smaller bed dedicated to hummer/butterfly/bee flowers.  And on a whim, I scattered all my "expired" seeds of all kinds.

The last is finally showing some flowers.  First, I noticed that the "expired seeds were quite fertile.  I've been harvesting radishes for a month and there are squash, broccoli, and even some corn plants growing.  Well, they are all annuals and won't be around next year.  And I planted some annual sunflowers in the center of the bed.

But the actual hummer etc flowers are now starting to bloom!  They are slightly different from the meadow bed flowers.

 I expect there will be tubular flowers for the hummers soon.   Meanwhile, they are still happy with the butterfly bushes elsewhere in the yard.

I haven't seen many bees or hummers around them yet,  but I have seen a few butterflies.  Maybe it takes some time for word to spread of the new wonderful feeding spot.

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