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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yard Work 2

Building a compost bin...  My original 2 section compost bin died years ago (falling sideways and such).  Well, it WAS over 25 years old.  I still dump kitchen scraps in it, but I decided I was mostly just feeding possums.  So it was time for a new one.  And in a new location.

My new garden enclosure resulted in an unusable spot north of it.  Perfect place for a new double-bin compost bin.  So I looked up some plans for covered 2-bin compost bins.  I didn't find one I liked.  HURRAY, I get to design one myself.  I'll build anything great I find, but I love building something better.  I spent time this past Winter doing that.  Came up with a nice one.  It had 1/2" hardware mesh sides for aeration, was designed for 5 identical square frames of pressure-treated lumber, and a hinged top.

After looking at the design this week, I thought of changes.  I sketched it out Saturday, improved it Sunday, changed it again, diagrammed it on graph paper, and bought most of the pieces yesterday.

It is built of five 4'x3' frames of 2"x4" pressure-treated lumber with diagonal braces to prevent leaning.  The front has 1"x6" boards that slide down in slots in the front for easy removal and access to the compost material for turning.  The corner posts are set down in the soil a foot deep for added sturdiness.

The front posts are interesting.  To make slots for the boards to sit in (for easy removal for access for turning the bin contents, there are 2 ways to go.  One is to cut slots in a 4"x4" post.  I have the equipment to do that, but my past experience is that that weakens the post.

The other way is to construct a slot.  A 2"x2" between two 2"x4" boards makes a nice slot too and is easier to build.  And I already have the pieces to do that.

So here is my diagram...

I wish I could show it better.  Scanning a drawing is always frustrating for me.  I probably have incompatible equipment.  It took 20 minutes to get THIS!  😂😣

I'll answer any questions about it...

Later today, I'll start cutting the boards I bought to the sizes I need.  Some of the joints are "half-laps", so I'll finally get to use the tenon-cutting jig I bought years ago.

The good thing is that I am finally getting around to a project I have wanted to build for several years.  Most years, this project stayed low on the priority list.  Now it got to the top.  I must be catching up on things!



1 comment:

Megan said...

Yay indeed. I'm afraid I'm lazy and just bought a couple of rotating compost bins on stands.

Have you heard of keyhole gardens for vegetable gardening? I came across the term for the first time the other day when I saw someone starting to build one on a blog. I haven't researched it further, but it seemed like the kind of project that might appeal to you.

Sydney, Australia