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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump's Commennts About Women

I am posting this Saturday evening, before any new news about the Presidential debate or further news discussion about Trump's comments about how he views or has treated women comes out.

So this is general.  You know I don't like Trump.  He lies.  He lies about what he said years ago and he lies about what he said yesterday.  There is nearly no position that Trump has ever claimed that he has not denied afterwards.

My point here is not to list them.  Professional journalists and fact-checkers have done that before and found/proved him to be a pathological liar about almost everything.  That is what he is.  You can accept him for that or deny it, but he is that so frequently proven.

My concern today is the video of his comments about women.  Trump was politically-fatally damaged by the video.  Trump will never be a President of the US.

What I want to discuss is his justification for the comments.  His claim was they were locker room comments.  I've been in locker rooms.  I played soccer in high school and that was a rough bunch.  And we often shared locker room time with the football players and they tend toward crudeness.  Comments about cheerleaders, comments about fans in the stands.  Never in any locker room did I hear statements like Trump made.

In college, I tried rugby for a few months, and never did I hear such comments there.

And let me try to explain it.  In the locker room, some guys talked about expectations of having sex with their girlfriends.  Some talked about about going out to a local bar and trying to hook up with "fangirls".

Those were mostly established monogomous relationships or just plain fantasies.  There is a difference!

That isn't what Trump was talking about.  He was talking about outright predatory sexual assault, he was talking about using a position of power and influence to get unwilling sex, he was talking about taking advantage of fear of retribution and career destruction to have sex with women.  He wasn't talking about vague "desires".  He was talking about actual factual experiences in his life and the expectation that they would continue.  That is a VERY different thing.

The terms "creep, "vile", and "predator", come to mind.

His apologies are insipid, deceitful, and vapid! His first response was "I apologize if anyone was offended".  Now THAT is a standard political trick.  He isn't apologizing for what he SAID or DID, he is expressing some vague regret that OTHERS were upset by what he said or did which he considers perfectly OK.  In other words " You are an overly-sensitive, politically-correct annoying twit who doesn't understand reality".  That isn't an apology; that's an insult.

An apology is a clear unambiguous statement that you were wrong by all social standards, that you wish you had never said or done the thing, and that it was a strange inexplicable action that was totally out of character.  Allowable reasons are things like utterly mis-speaking, medication effects, typos on your notes, etc.

When you say you can get away with things like that when you are famous, you can't even apologize at all.  It is just "who you are"!  And that IS who he IS!

So, Trump is no longer viable as President of the US in any consideration.  That is simply an "absolute".  I don't care what any supporter thinks of his general political views, I don't care what his supporters think of his list of Supreme Court nominees, I don't even care if he COULD improve the economy (which he wouldn't).  That no longer matters.

Donald Trump must NOT ever be President of the US...


Thumper said...

:::Internet High Five:::

Megan said...

Agree wholeheartedly. What continues to concern me is that so many people in the Republican campaign couldn't see the man for what he was well before this.

The debate was broadcast in full here in Sydney yesterday, so I took the opportunity to watch. It made for difficult viewing - that this chap had progressed to this stage. Hillary has a number of weaknesses as a candidate for President - in addition to proposing policies that must be an anathema to Republicans. How much more effective and useful would it have been for Trump to focus on those rather than offering his 'only locker room' words. I, for one, don't care where he said it. Even in the locker room, among 'the boys', this behaviour is grossly unacceptable.

Sydney, Australia