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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Houses Again

I visited another house today.  This one was listed a shade over $400k, but I could tell they would accept a lower offer.  The elderly lady and her son seemed to want to leave ASAP. 

The house is nice.  3 decent bedrooms, 3 baths,  large kitchen, combined dining/living room, 2 car garage, decent basement (divided into several rooms but they didn't seem to be structural so they could be removed).  Large front lawn, backyard sunny enough for gardening, and the place comes with a separate deed for 20 surrounding wooded acres.  I could probably sell a few acres and even make a profit on the cost of the house.

I discussed the purchase procedure with the agent and suggested starting the paperwork.  I could afford the new place, and what is the point of dying wealthy when you have no descendants?

There were some negatives.  The place is on  well water and a septic tank.  The direct water is OK for washing and showering etc, but not for drinking.  Even filtered and softened, the water tasted terrible (the agent looked at the system and said better ones are available).  I would need to build a 300' fence around the backyard to protect the cats from neighborhood dogs and the garden from deer.  I would have to have a large toolshed added.  I would have to remove interior basement walls.  The deck was tiny and I would want a much larger one. 

But those are problems that can be overcome.  The problem is ME!  I sat down after I returned home and thought about it.  Then I looked around the house and yard and realized I JUST COULDN'T GET MYSELF TO MOVE!  I have become part of the property.  I'm rooted, affixed, nailed down.  I don't want to change, I don't want to learn a new house, I like the taste of the water here, etc, etc, etc.  I have never lived in "someone else's" house before

For possibly the 1st time, I understand both sets of grandparents.  All 4 died "oldish" in the houses they moved into in their late 20s.  They had become part of their houses.  Or their houses had become their larger "skin".  My house and yard are part of me, and I can't shake that feeling.  Everything in the house is exactly where I want it to be.  The yard needs work, but that is always an ongoing process.  If I moved, I would feel like I abandoned a friend in need of assistance and care.

I don't need to move for a new job or anything.

For what it is worth, I can easily afford to buy the new house outright, empty the current one, and then have it professionally cleaned before selling it afterwards.  I could even sell the current place "as is" and not even bother with making the kinds of repairs that 30 years of living have inflicted.

Has my train gotten completely de-railed here?  Am I talking myself out of a good life decision?  Have you faced a similar uncertainty of moving, and if so, what decision did you make?


Summer at said...

My human says if you are happy where you are, then just stay. If you have a good amount of money saved up, that doesn't mean you have to spend it on a bigger house - use it to do something you REALLY enjoy!

BTW, this comes from a person with a passion for big, gorgeous homes. She would love to move up from the house we are currently living in someday... and it is a pretty special (and big) house to begin with! It's actually in the best neighborhood of the part of Los Angeles we currently live in. But she always aches for a bigger and better home... but that's the key: fancy homes ARE her passion. They are not everybody's. Follow your heart, even (especially) if that leads you right back home.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

It sounds like you know the answer- stay where you are. I always say I am a tree with deep roots in my home ( been here almost 24 years, hubby has lived here 36). I would die if pulled from my roots. You have done so much in your yard and the cats sure seem happy. Maybe you should write a pro/cons list.

Megan said...

Mark - this is an important decision. Perhaps one that warrants talking to a specialist about. For example, you might consider scheduling some sessions with a psychologist. I would think that a skilled professional would be able to help you figure out (i) how you really feel about staying or moving and why (ii) what's really important to you (iii) how to manage whatever decision you end up making.

You've considered moving numerous times in recent years - that does seem to suggest some dissatisfaction with your current situation. But maybe, just maybe, moving isn't the answer. Perhaps there are other 'projects' that would scratch that itch, whatever it is that's causing it.

Sydney, Australia

Terri said...

One usually makes compromises when moving. My last move was to be closer to work and have a garage. I think if you find a property that fits your needs, you may be more interested in moving. The actual process of moving makes the decision a gray zone, too. It's a lot of work.

I'll be moving next year. I'm retired and alone. My sister wants me to move to her small town about a half-hour away. I also have a few more relatives there. I've lived in my apartment in the "big city" over 30 years and it is truly home. I understand how you feel.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Am I crazy or are all the needed improvements on the new place (deck, fence, garden improvement, etc) things you've already done to your current house? I think you need to ask yourself if you want to start that again?
On the neighbor's trees from your previous post; you can cut off anything that overhangs your property line, straight up from your fence if you want, no matter what it does to their trees. even if it kills them. ;) Perhaps if they see what they look like after being chopped, they'll agree to remove them totally. Of course, by then you'll have cleared your problem so no need to go through with buying them flowering trees, right, hee hee!