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Friday, August 12, 2016

Legal Property Ownership

Its maddening, utterly maddening. Insane and Inane! Completely beyond any failure of any system of records I ever knew in my career in government!  OH MY GOD, the dimmest nitwit I ever met in Federal Government was a FREAKING GENIUS compared to the State Government. 

There does not appear to be ANYONE IN THE UNIVERSE who actually knows who LEGALLY OWNS THE PROPERTY NEXT DOOR TO ME!   NO ONE!

I have spent 5 days calling various banks, real estate organizations, and local government offices and searching websites following all possible leads to offices seemingly connected with property ownership.  Not one single person in any office can actually say for SURE who owns the property

No one knows but everyone thinks they know who SHOULD!    I have talked to 100 offices and EVERYONE is truly sympathetic and really helpful, and has an idea who I should call next!  Even when I tell them that's the office that sent me to THEM!

OK, look, I spent years of my Federal Government career in "Administrative Services", the catchall Division of the catchall Office of the catchall Agency.  We were the office where questions were sent that no one else could answer, and I was the best at it. 

So the idea that "Who Owns That Property?" being unanswerable drove me completely NUTS!

Fanning myself down....................

Oh dang, apparently, no one actually DOES know who owns the property.  It has to be SOMEONE SOMEWHERE of course, but no one seems to actually know.  It is as if they had a stolen artwork and cannot admit it.

The resident has abandoned the property, some sites have notices that it was sold at auction June 14th, local newspapers won't claim to find any legal notice of the sale, no real estate agent can find a listing for it.  It is as if the property doesn't exist.

And that has got me royally upset!  How can you buy a property when you can't find out who OWNS it!?

1 comment:

Megan said...

Bizarre! Perhaps your neighbour could tell you who has the mortgage on the property and you could ask them?

Sydney, Australia