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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Trump loves insulting nicknames for people, and they are usually wrong...

1.  "Crazy Bernie" - Bernie Sanders is passionate, but he certainly is not crazy.  He has very long-thought-out views, and in a more rational world, they would be assumed.

2.  "Crooked Hillary" - Show me any instance where Hillary Clinton has been shown to break a law.  Endless Republican claims are not evidence of wrong-doing.

3.  "Little Marco" - If I thought Trump was knowledgeable about history, I might grant him the fact that he knows that taller candidates for President usually win.  But he isn't that knowledgeable about anything and that isn't what he meant by "little".  So he was just reaching for another baseless insult.

4.  "Lyin Ted" - Well, Ted Cruz does lie about almost everything.  He is despised by his fellow Senators, and he is disliked by many Republicans.  But Trump never specified a lie by Cruz.  He just makes unspecified claims and lets his supporters fill in the blanks in their minds.

5.  "Low Energy Jeb" - Jeb Bush is not the most charismatic campaigner compared to Trump.  But he was active in FL, is well-regarded, and has a following.  Trump thinks that activity equals success.  Quieter people with actual ideas can do better than Trump.

6.  "1 For 41 Kasich" - Yeah Kasich didn't win any primaries other than his home state.  But in a normal year, he would have been the Republican nominee.  Bad timing...

7.  "Goofy Elizabeth Warren" and "Pocahantas" -  Elizabeth Warren is passionate but certainly not "goofy".  Her ideas are well-thought-out, her arguments valid, and her now-famous "you didn't build that" is the best destruction of the wealthy claim "we built that" I have ever heard.  For those of you not familiar with this, she pointed out that the wealthy depend on the educational, infrastructural, national financial and legal systems that we have all paid for, that the rich use to create their wealth..

Trump is a bully.  A fake.  A sham.  He lives on his brand, and there is no substance to it.  He is like a tofu sausage, claiming to be the latter while only the former.

He claims to support working people, but he cheats them all the time in his business deals.  He refuses to pay them and dares them to sue him.  To Trump, cheating is "winning".  He glories in cheating working people.

I have a sneaking suspicion he does not want to actually be President with all the restrictions and personal limitation involved.  I bet he manages not to be elected..  He might even manufacture an arguement to prevent his nomination.

Think about it.  Trump would go crazy under the restrictions of being President.  His business drive would be stopped cold, his freedom of movement restricted, his every word examined and parsed, and he would have to make real decisions involving the well-being of US citizens (and world events).

I predict that he will panic, and find a way out of being nominated.  More about his reasons for running tomorrow...

1 comment:

Megan said...

I too have figured that Trump possibly doesn't want to be President - but wanted to score a few points in the campaign and then withdraw. 'Twill be interesting to see how it all unfolds.

Sydney, Australia