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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Oh man, do I LOVE tax software!  Been using H&R Block a few years and I couldn't manage the damn forms without it.  Seriously, I'm intelligent enough to discuss several science subjects, gardening fertilizers with professionals, and the history of Europe.  But tax forms just baffle me. 

I can't tell a dividend from a capitalization or where a foreign stock byback goes.  Even donations can get tricky.  But the H&R software knows.  I love just "filling in the blanks" to the questions.  I don't know where that information is supposed to go!  But they do...

Took 10 minutes to download the software, 2 hours to answer the questions, and when I hit PRINT, out came all the nice pages, ready for mailing (and backups for saving)...

I reviewed it all of course.  Even I can tell if some number is "generally" right or wrong.  It all looks good. 

The whole process from start to finish was 2 hours.  Without the software, it would have been 2 DAYS!

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Megan said...

Well done that man.

Sydney, Australia