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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Why is December such a hard time on cats?  It seems so many leave for The Bridge in this month. 

Is it the short days that depress them? 

Less time outside for those who DO go outside?  Or just fewer sunpuddles for those who stay inside?

Do the longer nights just suggest going into "forever"?

It seems to me that we lose more cat-friends in December than any other month, and I don't know why...

The short days sadden ME.  I have to fight it; I get depressed at this time of year too.  But I know WHY.  Maybe its harder when you DON'T know why maybe they just get saddened and all.  Who knows the minds of our cats.  We try, but as close as we feel toward them, we cannot ever truly understand their thoughts.

I just know that December is a real hard time on cats. 

And so, for myself, and for the cats, I keep the house brightly lit, I keep them active, I stuff them with food, and I keep them on my lap as much as possible.  I don't know if that makes the slightest bit of difference. 

But it makes me feel good to try...  Special places to make them happy.

My lap.
Good places to sleep at night.
Interesting new spots.
Anything I can do...


William said...

It does seem like December is a particularly hard time for cats--over the years, we've lost two on December 31st. (And, interestingly, according to an old colleague of my mom's who had a Master's in mathematics, not as much of an oddity as one might think. My mom's mom and her mom's brother died on the same date as well, which actually prompted the question to the math guy to begin with.) Anyway, any extra fun, food and light is always appreciated!

Just Ducky said...

Mum kept us bizzy and foods and loves. We didn't know he had kidney issues, so it may have just caught up with him.

Megan said...

Your thoughtfulness and concern for your cats' welfare is inspirational Mark. Love the lap pic!

Sydney, Australia

Katie Isabella said...

we did have a horrible year for our kitty furriends and December was the worst ever.

I get so sick of gray cold rain/overcast days and we have had three years of that going on here. 2-3 sunny days followed by gray/overcast. Repeat endlessly for three years.