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Friday, November 21, 2014


I KNEW it wouldn't be easy gettig a laptop to just connect to the wireless router,.  The laptop asks questions I can't answer.  Verizon said it would just ask for a "SSID and a "WEP KEY".  Yeah, ROTFLMAO!  Worse, it offers options I don't understand.  Even WORSE. I think it is offerring me connections to all the neighborss' wi-fi  (and one is either very innocent or downright dirty).  I don't want to know that stuff.

But I can't get the laptop  working and I used up the battery earlier, so it is charging again (and I'll leave it connected).  I'll call Apple after it is charged.  I think I know the right details for Verizon.  Its the laptop questions I need help with. 

This is why I didn't do this before.  Any two pieces of computer equipment do NOT want to talk to each other...  And I'll mention again  MY BAD LUCK on minor things like this...

Need to do live chat with Apple and that typing kills me.  I bet they tell me to talk to Verizon.  That  makes me the bouncing ball between the two of them...


UPDATE!  With the hour-long struggle with the Verizon tech help (as opposed to the USELESS TWO hours of non-help from Apple)  we have achieved LAPTOPNESS!  I have to say that no matter what the problem and whether it was actually a Verizon issue or not they have helped me through thick and thin.  And yes it is 11:30 AM here and I've been up ALL NIGHT again, struggling with computer challenges , but it was worth it (as it usually is when successful)!

And I have to say my $200 cheapo refurbished MacPro 13" laptop is acting SUPERBIO-PRIMO!

The next comments you get are going to be laptomese and I think The Mews will love it too!


Megan said...

Fabulous outcome - eventually Mark. Doesn't having a good ISP with a great help desk service make a huge difference? It's the main reason why I chose my ISP and have been with them for so long. I only need to contact them a couple of times a year and they're always fabulous, even when it's not strictly speaking their problem to solve.

Sydney, Australia

Katnip Lounge said...

hip hip HURRAH!!!!